One of the Blissful moments in my life

On Feb 26th , Mr.Deepak Jagdish (from Microsoft India) had sent me an email telling that i became a MSP. I checked it out only on march 3rd
(cos i rarely used hotmail) and that too because a friend of mine asked me to see if i had received the invite.Gosh !!!!!! It was right there with the title “Its your time to shine” and i remember every single line on that mail (who wudn’t ,after re-reading it a whole lotta time).That was complete bliss….!!I was just so glad and out of this world.My dad got me an ipod and congratulated me,everybody was happy for me.
I am sure you are asking what is MSP? Worry not… here is all you need to know about MSP.

Q1 : – What does MSP word stands to ?
A1 : – MSP stands to “Microsoft Student Partner”.

Q2 : – How can I be MSP ?
A2 : – the MSPs leader comes to your faculty and make a technical and nontechnical interview
then he will send invitations by mail to the accepted twos.

Q3 : – What do you mean by technical and nontechnical interview ?
A3 : – technical to see if you love programming and how many projects and technical stuff did you make be4.
nontechnical to see your activities in your faculty ( like making seminars or participating in Student union,clubs , etc …. )
My final interview was via’ the phone.i had questions on vista,silverlight and latest MS technologies as that.

Q4 : – Is it is important to be professional in using MS’s tools ?
A4 : – No… it is not important, but you must be familiar with it.

Q5 : – How many Student is being selected after this interview ?
A5 : – the normal is 1 but Sometimes they select 2 or 3. From my college 2 of us were selected.
Q6 : – What is the advantages to be MSP ?
A6 : -As a Microsoft Student Partner you will get a set of global benefits:

Welcome Kit will include the following:
1- Certificate of Recognition
2- Microsoft Recruiting Opportunities
3- MSDN Premium Subscriptions
4- Access to Worldwide Microsoft Student Partners Website

And a set of local benefits provided by Microsoft India:
1- Invitation to local Microsoft Events
2- Latest Products Training
3- Internship Opportunity

Q7 : – What is my rule ?
A7 : – Just help anyone need any help in MS products or technologies. MSP is a connecting ring between Microsoft and his college.

I am really proud to be one of the first MSP s from MEPCO SCHLENK ENGG. COLLEGE.

Credits To:
Dr.K.Muneeswaran- HOD of Dept of CSE.
Deepak jagdish- Microsoft India.
MSP s from TCE,Madurai who sent out the nomination forms.

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