08 08 08

Cool date huh..! August 8 is the 220th day of the year (221st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 145 days remaining until the end of the year…. This date has an entry in wikipedia.. ?My 080808 had been quite interesting and a lotta fun ! how myt u ask – I guess I have flunked my internal exam on cryptography 😦 maybe that s how procrastinators and last minute people pay off ( wit ref 2 my previous post I’d like to tell fellow blogger n readers , I’m still working on it and have a long way to go , I’ve found 🙂 ) …. Then I got to attend an entrepreneur camp @ college.. We had a good tym listenin to a 2g entrepreneur… overall it was fun and today we r going out to visit places as part of the event.. :)The 2008 Summer Olympics began yesterday…. i saw some footage of the ceremony – Wow with a capital ‘W’ (online ofcourse – Being in hostel im deprived of TV which is a real bummer …! 😦 )

Out in the blogger world , evry1 s attachin the #080808 tag so i thot i d upload one of the cool 080808 tags created..Emoticons in 0 and 8 in color of olympic rings – expressing the individuality and different feelings from all of us as a part of the game.

4 thoughts on “08 08 08

  1. Now that is strike one for me…i had a post with the same title..coincidence..where were u all this while..how did i miss a good blogger from…duh..MEPco…

  2. @ kamal
    well … Must have been in a digital fortress u were unable to creep into…
    Anyways , Cheers to our meet…..!
    Hope u pop in often.

  3. haha..finally blew a hole in the fortress to sneak a peek..sure will..

    P.S. can u please remove the word verification pls…

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