♪ Happy birthday dear Google ♫

♪ Happy birthday to you ♫

♪ Happy birthday to you ♫

♪ Happy birthday dear Google ♫

♪ Happy birthday to you! ♫
What could we have done without you dear google.. i’d be like a traveller without a map…mobile without an address book…person with internet..without a web browser (maybe this s a bad example! 😛 )
For its birthday, what do you give the company that has everything? In Google’s case, the Internet giant is asking for only five presents, but each has the same qualification: Each one must help to change the world.
Google is celebrating its 10th birthday with Project 10^100, an endeavor that will commit $10 million to backing ideas to improve the world. Google’s Project 10^100 will accept ideas big and small, from all walks of life.In a statement, the company said it was “asking our users to send us exciting ideas for ways to improve people’s lives,” adding that it has “committed $10 million to turn up to five of the best ideas into reality.” What better gift could we give than the one that they ask for..(Remember the last date for sendin in the ideas is oct 20th..so buck up evry1 )
Google people.. U definitely Rule the world! Its my desire to be a part of you someday! (sooner/very sooner)
The timeline’s interesting.The “second decade” is already promising more innovations and advances from the company with the odd little name. With their rumored Gphone development, an eye on the upcoming FCC 700MHz band auction, and more, who knows where this company could go next.

I just cannot imagine Internet without Google and to think it all began only 10 years ago… Whoa..thats awesome ryt..?.. they sure are to be appreciated!! Hats off to the team!
Love ya,

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