A vision of students today !

“School trains children to be employees and consumers; teach your own to be leaders and adventurers. School trains children to obey reflexively; teach your own to think critically and independently.”

This was something some big guy said…I totally agrree.!
I never actually intended to write this post.. But seeing this video a friend of mine showed…. my emotions have brimmed over!
Do watch the video its really good!

Very true huh!!

Education is the all round development of an individual.But the present education system of India has NOT (i feel so and.. u know it too..!!) been catering to this. The teacher student relationship is deteriorating.. The system is academic oriented and marks focussed.It is therfore kinda impossible to recognize the real talent of the individual and nourishing it for the betterment of the country. This is presume is the major reason for the brain drain as foreign countries respect and value the true and distinctive talent of the individual. Hence there is a need for serious reforms in the education system so that the human capital of India which is the country’s biggest asset can be preserved and conserved.
Looking at various other countries’ edu sys, I feel India shud take the best of each world and integrate it to form an unbeatable and massively impressive system of pruning kids @ school..!Mebbe take the field trip/field work pattern out of the American edu system.. Take the grading pattern off the british system.. entrance concept from the japanese (which is so unlike our bribe taking entrance concept)…german timing and elective system.. and hence forth. Just think : If Gracy (tats me:) ) could think and chart out various patterns that could be experimented..How much more the people up there in the constitution ,specially designated for this kinda job, could do !!!
Why should I be writing up all this ,when I’m on the verge of finishin my formal education.. Beats me ! The hatred I have for this stupid system is brimmin over…(aargghh) thanks to the place I study in..! If I were education minister I ‘d seriously consider reformin the system …I know its easier said than done.. 😦 But then…WHY do we have to have so many tests… internals… externals… University exams… Models… Lab exams…viva voces… Not to mention the burden on Mother Earth.. How many trees lumbered so as to make our answer sheets( a waste of good trees) , text books (in this e-world) which are rarely used! WHY WHY WHY????????
Please somebody save the world and SAVE THE TREES !!!
However …. the grass is always greener on the other side.. Here’s proof :However I perceive this as the begining of a reform, which hasnt happened o’er here…Yet! Hope the system reforms!

2 thoughts on “A vision of students today !

  1. The video is amazing!

    Even i would say! the next best thing for learning is on the INTERNET!

  2. @ lakshman:
    yup… Awesome video.. U gave me the link lakshman!:P

    I give a thumbs up for tat – Internet for education !

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