Hyderabad – MSP BootCamp

I had the opportunity to witness the largest Boot camp in India and possibly the largest in the world!! Bootcamp – Hyderabad was everything but boring – What i meant to say was fun with a wonderful sense of fulfillment ! Buzz was that we’d get to witness some real core technology and sessions on the most happening stuff from Microsoft… True enough that was exactly what we got – plus getting to know a lotta people from allover India and Microsoft employees who spent their private weekend time with us..

Day 0 : March 5


Day 1 : March 6

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The journey with the madurai MSP’s (Microsoft Student Partners) was fun filled.We reached our destination on time and made our first taste of Hyderabad : Hottt !*watever that was* hottt hott !!!.Wiping off those lachrymal secretions,we made our hotel Check in, on March 6th – 3 pm (right on time)! Ella Suites was one heck of  a place!We were alloted suites, and our roomies were people from parts of the country other than where we were from.Mine was a local Hyderabad girl,Bhavana – a seemingly placid but a chatterbox nonetheless πŸ˜› ..She was good company and was our GPS (with a little help from other Hyd msps) and helped us make sight seeing plans around town.After the check in everybody had a quick wash (except for me o’course – late as always,left behind by fellow madurai user group people => me boarding the next shuttle,meeting other interesting people) and scurried into the Microsoft Shuttle to make a dash to the Microsoft IDC (developer center) a few kms away.btw, That part of town was called Gachibowli(weird name huh)There was an internship exam for prefinal year people, while the rest of us engaged in an activity – Madads.Our team came up with a totally whacky,funky,weird,cool – u name it – that was how our ad for ‘Cloud computing’ was..and what was more – We got Best new idea Award.Whooho! πŸ˜› After a really sumptuous buffet dinner,we were dropped in the Hotel.

Day 2 : March 7

 hh3 Desktop2

We had an early day – so that the academic team could squish in many of the tech sessions,without compromising on the time.There was the keynote by Pratima Amonkar(Director Academia,MS),then a not very interesting SQL Server 2008 session by the MSIT,BI-COE team(It helped me gain an insight that helped me a bit with my project – for the report generation module)After a short break,(whence we raided the MS Cafeteria for free drinks and beverages of some 15 + kinds) we had the MOST amazing session of them all – “Windows Mobile App Development” by Abhinav Gujjar (MGSI) – Man, is this guy cool…. He definitely knows how to handle a young crowd…In less then 10 minutes,he showed us how to develop a twitter app for Windows Mobile.The audience loved him!After a quick photoshoot,we had Lunch(as good as it can be) and then 2 final tech sessions – app security and cloud computing – both by the best in the field.Break again and we had Mark D’Souza ,Reza,Sid handle a cool session called “Win7,IE8,9 lives of students – The three musketeers” πŸ™‚ Then was a feedback session and as promised earlier that day : sight seeing / some kind of fun was in stack.It turned out to be a Disco – Geeks and nerdies @ Disco – funny huh (even i thought so) – In reality was quite okay – geeks or not they are student community too.. πŸ˜› Hyd norms allowed partying till 11.30. We had a poolside dinner and boy was it grand! We returned to our suites and then had a private party too πŸ™‚

Day 3 : March 8

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Packed up our bags and left them so that we could pick ’em l8r..checked out and left for the IDC once again.Post breakfast we had an interaction session with the MS academic team and MSPs.After those sessions,We got out baggage and the shuttle dropped us at Koti (if I remember right) and we went sight seeing – I only wish we had more time to do that – however we manged to make the most of the time left and saw a few places – Charminar ,Hamid Sagar and also managed a lil shopping.All in all this was one memorable trip – the first time I had been to AP- and I had many firsts : first disco,first running train jump with a 3 inch stiletto(thank goodness I wasn’t sucked into the track),the rest of the firsts is n’t worth pinning up in public!The travel was glorious,owing to the excellent weather!

My very last bootcamp 😦 In that way – we felt a bit sad.But this had been the best ever.Thanks to everybody involved !! Special Thanks to the academic team !

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  1. that was a typo..it was meant
    Not to forget the Coimbatore guys’s ‘awesome’ jingle!

    ps: gin la ila pa… public placa la asinga paduthada..
    That was 100% fatfree ,TDS 400 ppm ,hydro 7 purified Aquafina in a wineglass. πŸ˜›

  2. hahaha,

    Microsoft is a monopoly abuser!

    I showed your blog to one of my friend,he commented back with me like

    “They get Microsoft treatment/ orgy”
    “Money fest”
    “We pay you, you pay us, help us addict kids for living”

    please read http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/16/india-moves-to-free-software/

    you writing about M$ in a blog powered by a opensource blog publishing application wordpress gr8 :D, You might have to apologize for this to them πŸ˜›

  3. @ Arun sag
    I am not paid to use MS technology and Boy are you prejudiced!! This isn’t part of my student partner business, this is my personal experience as an MSP.Nobody expects my apologies for that.
    Sad that people havent actually understood the meaning of open-source.. Appreciating open-source even demands BEING OPEN MINDED, not sticking only to debian,drupal, mozilla , gimp and IRC..

    There’s a great world out there.. May the best person win..
    Lets appreciate technolgy!Shall we ?

  4. @ harry :
    @ Rash :
    Have fun next camp πŸ™‚ I never knew you were an MSP πŸ˜€

  5. Heh. Yeah I just became a MSP this Oct/Nov. πŸ™‚

    Oh & just read Arun’s post. Hilarious. It’s amazing how people can mix Free Software with Open Source and then blame different companies *hints to one particular one* πŸ˜›

    Anyway only a MSP can tell their side of their story. I’ve had an awesome time in the past 5 months or so (even though I didn’t attend bootcamp) πŸ˜€

  6. @gracelyne

    >>Lets appreciate technolgy!Shall we ?

    No, Lets appreciate GOOD technology.
    you are appreciating technology from a software molester.

  7. Madam..u talikn abt technology?????U guys seeemed to have squeezed the maximum fun and…technology and MSP tagged along with it..How was the disco grace???????

  8. @Arun: lol

    It’s funny when people label something “Bad” without even trying it completely! πŸ˜€

    PS: MS!=Windows/IE. They do much more (Like organizing Bootcamps!) πŸ˜›

  9. @sudha :
    I had the taste of a decent FUN awesome disco.That pretty much sums it up πŸ™‚

    Rash has pretty much put down ,what i wanted to.Plus,lemme add up something to what he said, minus the sarcasm:

    PS: MS!=Windows/IE. They do much more – Take a peek into Livelabs ..MS Robotics. MS certainly has done far more researches n innovations…MS has had a headstart in everything – both hardware n software arena !

    btw,My search query on ‘bad technolgy’ yielded zer0 results that were synonymous with MS !

    U gotta know this one : Sometimes great technologies don’t make great products πŸ™‚ (Don’t retort ,sayin MS isn’t gr8t – Thats NOT my point) Live with that! πŸ˜›

  10. >btw,My search query on β€˜bad technolgy’ yielded zer0 results that >were synonymous with MS !

    you should have searched in google, not live search πŸ˜›

  11. Browse online – its proof enough for u,u tired freakin closeminded opensrc freako πŸ˜›
    Why dont u google it! X-(
    Ps: FYI I’m a bigger Google fan πŸ™‚

  12. @Arun
    in that case, u dont even know to decipher ENGlish.search query string: “bad technology”
    For the proof thingy – I will most certainly mail u ,when I am that jobless !

  13. >in that case, u dont even know to decipher ENGlish.search query >string: β€œbad technology”

    Bad search string.

    >Exceptions don’t make examples
    Yes they do.

    >For the proof thingy – I will most certainly mail u ,when I am that >jobless !

    Because you don’t have one.You are writing this in your blog because you are jobless.

    “Microsoft Research, in spite of an astronomic budget, hasn’t come up with any truly useful technology so far. Name one, just one, major piece of useful technology that’s ostensibly been invented or developed by Microsoft. One single original concept, that’s all I ask. Name it, and I’ll tell you where they got it from.

    Innovation? Yeah, right.”

    from the link above i gave.

    You better read things before posting here.

  14. @ Arun :
    LOL …You must be crazy, calling bloggers as jobless blokes!ROFL.

    Good Artists Copy Great Artists Steal ! I know that myself.Whats evil in that,as long as you’ve got proper copy/patent rights.

  15. @Gracelyne
    PS: MS!=Windows/IE. They do much more – Take a peek into Livelabs ..MS Robotics. MS certainly has done far more researches n innovations…MS has had a headstart in everything – both hardware n software arena !

    Researches! yeah sure they do research on whose idea to steal next.

    Headstart! i don’t think so. Everything on the os of theirs were copied from the other os*s available. Clearly u are unaware about other operating systems other than windows. Those guys from MS even tried to copy the color scheme of the copied softwares. u seen flashy Win+tab option in vista. It was copied from apple os(i don’t know which one though maybe from tiger or leopard or panther– ever heard of os like that?)

    both hardware and software! geez
    hardware maybe, software no way!!
    i accept hardware just because of MS Surface (I haven’t yet got any info abt where they copied that from. it might have been their. i am noy sure abt it.)
    but software. there is simply no way.
    do u even know why windows is not open source???
    after ur reply why it is not i will tell u in my version why windows is closed.

    Abt using C# and .Net
    well look at the innovation of MS. They have innovated a new framework which is very powerful. or else did they??
    Every one knows that .Net is a copied and renamed version of J2EE. they use their concept. rename them and use them as their own. Very talented people up there is MS!!

    And i am not here for opposing MS. Even i use windows for gaming. I am here cause of arun wanted me here. I don’t give a shit abt windows vs open source war. I just wanted to correct ur false knowledge abt the great things MS wanted people to beleive abt them.

    PS: wonders who holds the patents for iPOD.
    Yes ur are correct iT IS MICROSOFT.
    just cause they hold those patents apple has to pay royalty for manufacturing every single iPOD. can u enlighten me when MS invented iPOD. I was of the thinking Apple invented it(which is true).And MS just applied first and got the patents before apple. They are stealing money for a invention which wasn’t theirs. That sure qualifies as a HEADSTART i guess.

  16. @gracelyne

    I never called bloggers jobless.. You open your big two eyes and read…

    LOL you move back to patents.. hahaha 😦

    You ever heard about TomTom case?
    You really dont know what is really wrong about patents…

    You are really brain washed . 😦

    If you believe in software patents, and think it will save you i am really sorry kiddo..

    patents are innovation killers.yeah MS spends lot of time and money to get software patents rather than developing good software.

    You better read some RMS essays on “Dangers of software patents”

  17. @ Ashok :
    i appreciate the time u took to step down here and stoop down to such levels πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›
    PS: The knowledge I have ,so far ,even though its isnt deep rooted, IS NOT FALSE!! I do know enough to retaliate to this S*** of a OS vs MS comment war.
    Nobody has/will brainwash me into beleiving what they say,just cos I’m part of them..I ‘m A maverick and u oughta know tat.!
    >>Everything on the os of theirs were copied from the other os*s available.
    I think u should look into cmt#26 whr i admitted that!! >>They are stealing money for a invention which wasn’t theirs.
    Stealing isn’t the word.Business tactics.which goes for The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.Havn’t heard of any OS funding,but – only gettin funded.Forgive me if I am mistaken.

    @ Arun:
    >>If you believe in software patents, and think it will save you i am really sorry kiddo
    Well then better be sorry .

  18. arun intends to send this link to princi and complaint that u are drinking GIN.. beware.. and ciao:)

  19. P.S : I am in no way ‘Microsoft’ !
    All retorts regarding patents can be directly mailed to some1 responsible for answering that S****
    All patent n copy issues will be henceforth not entertained here – although retorts might snucked in,time2time. πŸ˜›
    And if you are planning to wage war, do so in the right stream of action.Not with the chicken way ,Arun proposes to engage in!

  20. >Stealing isn’t the word.Business tactics

    Thats what MS calls it.

    NASTY and unfair Business tactics edit and add it up to the line.

  21. Sheesh! I missed so much fun! Again! 😦

    Anyway, no point discussing everything again. Just a few things which I feel should be mentioned:

    > My nick is RaSh and not Cash 😐 (I take offense! :D)

    > I’m a MSP, I use GMail as my primary mail, Chrome as my primary browser and blog more about Google than MS. But on the other hand, I use Windows, Office, Visual Studio, XNA Game Studio, Silverlight etc.


    Being a MSP doesnt mean you need to blindly follow MS or use only MS products. It just gives you a motivation to check out (and tell others about) some MS products, which you might not have heard about (Tried OneNote? It’s amazing!). We accept that MS isn’t good at everything (Who is?), but we don’t out rightly say NO to a product just because it’s made by Microsoft.

    > Microsoft has been in the market for a long time. And their main aim is to provide the best they can for the masses. For someone like me who has been using Mac for more than 5 years, Vista was a disappointment. For my neighbour, it was the coolest thing he had seen till now. And majority of those using computers today fall in the latter category.

    Does this mean MS can make anything & get away with it? No. But it means that MS should take inspiration from what features are popular amongst the selected “Techy” crowd, and try & make it available to the common user. And I think MS is really trying it’s best to do that.

    > MS!=Anti-Open Source. Today, a lot of new technologies that MS is working on are open source, cross browser/OS compliant etc. Still, I find many people (not just referring to you guys here) blatantly pointing that MS is against Open Source and blah blah. Sure they haven’t supported Open Source in the past, but they are changing. And for a company as big as theirs, it sure will take some time!

    > No matter how “BAD” (/EVIL/PATHETIC/SHITTY/Anything else in CAPS) M$ is (according to “many”), you still end up using it. In my college, people run all MS softwares on Linux (No no, we’re just using Wine/VM Ware) just to show that they’re Anti-MS (Which is apparently cool 😐 ). I’ve tried Linux & Mac and guess what I’m using. And it has nothing to do with me being MSP or anything (I still use Linux once a while though when I’m playing with Python, but that’s rare now). And running Windows on Linux/Mac just fails to prove any point. πŸ˜›

    > I respect MS for one reason: What they are making can be used by a common user. No matter what every Pro-Linux user might say, you’ll agree that it isn’t all that user friendly for everyone (No I don’t consider having a GUI as User friendly). And Mac has a different story all together. Personal opinion, but not biased because of anything.

    > About .net, it’s been there for a while now hasn’t it? It’s nothing new. And if you have coded in AS3/AS2, you’ll find Silverlight way easier than Flash. MS has beaten Adobe in letting one use a common file across variety of softwares (Compare Expression Suite with Adobe Master Collection), and that’s a really helpful feature (Hence the whole Bridging the gap between Dev & Designer talks)

    > About stealing, MS isn’t the only one which does it. Sure it sometimes goes overboard (Some Vista features seemed a complete rip-off, sadly 😦 ), but I look at it this way: MS is getting the features that I like in other OS(s), in one OS. So I have less reasons to switch to other OS and I can continue with my Windows. Oh & checked Adobe CS4? Or FF? Aren’t they also bringing features similar to popular applications they are competing with (Maya/3DS Max & Chrome respectively). And the list just starts here!

    Anyway, I still agree that MS needs to work more on a lot of things (Like making better ads than those “I’m a PC” ads πŸ˜€ ). But when I look at DreamSpark, BizSpark, Imagine Cup, Dream.Build.Play, Live@Edu, MSNDAA, Faculty Connection (I could go on), I feel that MS is doing (something) good! πŸ˜€

    Hopefully with time and (-ve!) feedback (which MS gets in plenty these days!), MS will improve. So let’s try & change our attitude a little and give them another chance, shall we? πŸ™‚

    *Goes back and watches the TED 2007 Video of Blaise Aguera demonstrating Sea Dragon, now popularly known as MS Surface with Deep Zoom* πŸ˜€

  22. @ Rash :
    YOu’ve said it all *thumbs up * πŸ™‚
    @Arun :
    >>NASTY and unfair Business tactics edit and add it up to the line.
    Ahem ahem.. If its really that sinister,wouldn’t the rightful thing have been done,by the rightful people?? Lets not steer into the legality of it.Cos you know the winner !!

    I’m an MSP who appreciates technology without any bias – (thats what all of us r upto) Did you know MSPs conduct Opensource sessions too? – Code of conduct : technology sessions – be it any kinda technology,without defaming microsoft (the talent unleasher + opportunity giver)! I’m also officially the Mozilla Campus Rep (If u knew any better, thats open source too πŸ˜› *sarcastic kiddin* ) I ‘m taking up the SUN certification exam this year.And right now,I’m charging up my ipod shuffle Just like India – Unity in diversity ,try to be appreciative of the diverse technology around us in use! And don’t blame the MSP programme for something the OS are devoid of !

  23. lol πŸ˜€

    I’m so glad I found this thread (And the link that Arun mentioned & later “commented” at πŸ˜› ).

    Anyway glad to know that you’re the Mozilla Campus Rep too! πŸ™‚

    All the best with the SUN (Java rite?) Certification Exam!

  24. Ha ha .Ok Guys.. From This it clearly known to everyone is that micro$oft is struggling to market their products in India… So Arranging A Boot Camp x-(.. In My College We a team of students conducted a national level technical symposium . Microsoft Gave all their Development tools For Free.. . We Didnt ask them πŸ˜› . Making a student to addict for micro$oft Technologies(There is no such a thing called Microsoft Technolgies only Micro$oft Copynologies πŸ˜€ ) wont make micro$oft To Sell . get away From India… x-( otherwise Get Kicked From Indianz…

  25. @ RocknRoll :
    What would you say – if OS ppl started giving out free distro cds…Wait a minute – they do ship free cds…So is that called making them addicted?? Well ,Forgive MS for being gracious and giving people a taste of their tools ! I can’t believe you think handing out free stuff can make them addicted *LOL* Its time I hahahaed @ you and your hapless cultism!

    @ Rash :
    Thank u πŸ™‚

  26. Hah! I’ve got too bored of replying to the typical “M$ is evil. Join us & we’ll free the world” comments.

    When you charge them for a software, they have a problem.
    When you give it for free, they have a problem.
    When you make it Windows only, they have a problem.
    When you make it Open source, Cross Platform, they have a problem.

    Sheesh! πŸ˜›

  27. Muha ha Ha ha MicroSoft Products are like scabies it will give pleasure when u rub (WHen You Initillay UseTHose )… But Finally It Will put you in Bleeding(Robbing Money From You) … πŸ™‚

  28. @Gracelyne

    Let me get to this straight:

    When you redistribute FREE software (Free as in freedom) its not addiction.It’s sharing, helping your neighbour.Microsoft restricts people from redistributing copies of their software.

    Most of those so called CD’s are developed by common people like you and me… not by a greedy abuser.

    If you fell in love (aka:addicted) public software, in future it won’t hurt you, as its in public domain and open.

    The CD/DVD’s you people distributing is controlled by a monopoly vendor called Microsoft and it has track record of breaking standards , illegally killing competition, defaming good organization and people (http://deepakphatak.blogspot.com/2008/05/this-is.html)
    If you teach silverlight or DOT NET what your are doing is just making the student to learn a PRODUCT.Engineering institutions should not do this they should teach PRINCIPLES.
    This makes the student/kid to depend on a particular technology controlled by a vendor.

    Remember what billgates said “They will get sort of addicted and eventually microsoft will find a way to charge them”

    More over a product/ technology which is not open to learn cannot make good science or cannot be used to teach kids.
    If you do so what you doing is teaching the kid how to use a product rather than how to develop one…

    “Words from the famous star-wars movie episodes perhaps most aptly describe the Microsoft behaviour. I believe these were β€œEither you are with me, or you are my enemy”. Perhaps in the context of Microsoft, these should be rephrased as β€œEither you are with me in exactly the way I want you to be with me, or you are my enemy”
    –Professor IIT-Bombay

  29. @ :
    Puh-leease *rolling eyes*
    see comment #35 – Our code of conduct : We ‘re primarily here to spread the zeal for technology.

    >>Microsoft restricts people from redistributing copies of their software
    You are in no position to abuse company policies! The decision lies elsewhere.If you wanna distribute free(as in freebie) softwares go on do it.Nobody stopped you.If people wanna use MS products,I don’t see how you stand a chance,forcing them to give up on it. The good of technology lies in the eyes of the beholder…Microsoft – Directed towards the lay user !

    Success is when you climb up the ladder, not when you pull the legs of a perpetual competitor,drag him down and climb up – the way you are speaking ,shows you love the taste of the latter form of success !
    Gracy !
    *tired of replying*

  30. Finally, a sensible comment! wow!

    Just one thing to add to it: I promote DreamSpark in my campus. I demonstrate the software and ask them if they want to use it. And I mostly do show other alternatives too. For example, when I showed a demo of Visual Studio for basic Web Dev, I also showed them how to do it in:
    > Notepad
    > Notepad ++
    > Dreamweaver
    > And finally Visual Studio.

    Too bad if the other alternatives were so pathetic that everyone wanted to use Visual Studio. Not my fault buddy.

    Get a few things in your head. We aren’t some zombies who go around killing those who don’t use Microsoft products. We just demonstrate some of the MS technology, if you like it, use it.

    And yes, the Dreamspark softwares can be restributed, most of it is available for download on the net. For some of them, you need a key, which is available with most of the MSPs. The only reason there’s a key is so that only valid college students get the software. That isn’t all that bad eh? πŸ˜›

    Anyway, I’ve read enough of those amazing links you give everytime. And I’m not going to stop using something that’s far better than other alternatives just because some people think in future they’ll support Skynet and blow us all up. What I will do, on the other hand, is give a Disclaimer before my session, so that if there’s some freedom fighter (or someone who’s seriously into Terminator), then they may not use the MS product. Happy? πŸ˜€

    PS: I care more about the “Product” than the “Vendor”. Till the product is good, I’ll go for it. I won’t use a software just because it’s Open Source or not use one just because it’s by M$. 😐

  31. @gracelyne

    wait, i know you wont read

    RaSh replied like:

    “Thanks for opening my eyes!
    Shit. I’m sure going to hell”
    you appreciate your pal right? The appreciate his conclusion

  32. @Arun:
    Considering the fact that I posted the comment here after I posted the one on BN, I wonder if it’s sarcasm. πŸ˜›

  33. @Arun: Seems like a lot of people haven’t understood a lot of people here. πŸ˜›

    One more advice. Next time when you give a link to another such amazing post filled with information about how “The evil M$ has been fooling poor innocent kids”, PLEASE give a proper link (to the specific part).

    Here’s the comment he was talking about (and the context): http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/16/india-moves-to-free-software/comment-page-1/#comment-61135

    And you can see the earlier comments too where my views have been very logically countered by use of more links, @#$% etc. Oh & I even got tagged as “Evil, cheater & a TOYA!” (It’s toya, right Arun?) πŸ˜›

    PS: @Arun: No one, (other than you I guess), has the time to read huge pages of text. If you want to point to some article, point to the particular part. I guess a “freedom fighter” like you is aware how to use anchors, right buddy?

    PPS: Wish HTML5 has a tag. 😐

  34. Sheesh. I meant a Sarcasm tag. Oh boy.

    (Kidding. Please don’t flame me for that!)

  35. TOYA is Talkin’ Out Your A** πŸ˜›

    Ken used it first πŸ˜€

    This happened in an IRC.read on

    “Well finally last week John got a real bad infection of some virus on multiple systems and as usual had to haul the systems down to some computer repair place to get the current virus problems taken care of. While he was doing this he mentioned that he had an older system just sitting around that he didn’t use any more. I said he could try Linux on that older system to see what it was like. Anyway after listening to me tell him yet again how Linux has NO VIRUS problems finally last night he started the download of Ubuntu to try on this older system. So I went to bed at that point and left John to his download. Unfortunately while I was sleeping and John was sitting up “babysitting” his download the other “computer experts” joined the chat room. The following is an excerpt from the resulting conversation they had with John regarding his Ubuntu download (I have corrected some spelling mistakes and removed lines where they car conversations intruded):”

    (12:57:37 AM) nickj2: downloading linux, john? may i ask why? (01:01:21 AM) nickj2: john, which linux have you downloaded? and can you boot a live-cd to try it out first? (01:06:14 AM) JohnH: Hi Nick, just got done, ubuntu 8.1 (01:07:34 AM) JohnH: Nick, I am a sucker for free, just got my new computer back from the doctor who removed a viris and installed a viris program, that wasn’t free (01:08:21 AM) nickj2: there are free anti-virus programs available (01:08:54 AM) nickj2: it will be very interesting to hear how you get on with linux. but PLEASE, try running it as a live-cd first (i.e. burn it to a cd and boot from it, without installing it) (01:08:54 AM) JohnH: I figure if I can use an operating system that doesn’t get a virus, maybe I will be better off (01:09:07 AM) JohnH: I just did that (01:10:00 AM) JohnH: Well, you know I am computer uneducated, so if I can run it, anyone can (01:10:41 AM) nickj2: uhm… did someone tell you there aren’t viruses for linux? (01:10:49 AM) JohnH: I will try it on my old computer when I get time (01:11:00 AM) JohnH: ahhhh, yep (01:11:19 AM) JohnH: or maybe just free protection (01:12:08 AM) JohnH: anyway, Steven is always crowing about it, I just figure –why not try–??? (01:13:55 AM) JustinXJS2: you may want to back your pictures up to a cd first, better to be safe than sorry (01:14:00 AM) nickj2: hehe (01:14:43 AM) JohnH: I will try it on a computer that is collecting dust for a couple of years (01:15:04 AM) JustinXJS2: good plan (01:15:11 AM) JohnH: You guys don’t give me a good feeling (01:15:44 AM) JustinXJS2: well John… everyone and their dog loves free, if linux were a halfway decent product, everyone would be using it (01:15:47 AM) JustinXJS2: πŸ™‚ (01:15:48 AM) nickj2: colour me sceptical… (01:16:23 AM) JohnH: One question, have either of you tried anything recent? (01:17:13 AM) JustinXJS2: yes, I have ubuntu 8.04 running on a machine (01:18:20 AM) JohnH: it must suck, but he doesn’t want to stick his neck out (01:18:50 AM) nickj2: linux is still a sepcial-interest system. in a windows world, it’s still an outsider (01:19:53 AM) JohnH: Geez, I wake up a 2 am to download something that looks to be not quite the rainbow I was hoping for (01:20:18 AM) nickj2: if you like tinkering, old-school computer hobbyist style, it’s excellent. and free. if you just want things to work, all the time, then you’re better off with windows. linux is free though. (01:20:44 AM) JustinXJS2: Frankly, it is a pain in the ass… but I build that machine specifically for doing CNC work, so I dont need to use it for anything else and cant really anyway, the CNC software slows the machine to crawl (01:21:13 AM) nickj2: frankly, i’d have expected linux to be doing a lot better in 2009 than it is, but it has a huge glaring problem: there’s too many variations of it. rather than developing a single solid linux, everyone is splitting off making their own little variants (01:21:34 AM) nickj2: it certainly ain’t no rainbow. free or not (01:22:04 AM) JohnH: why don’t you guys speak up when Steven is boasting that it is the best thing since sliced bread (01:22:49 AM) JustinXJS2: because it turns into a 4 hour arguement, I dont have time to argue with steve about how he is a supernerd anymore (01:23:02 AM) nickj2: i must have missed that (01:23:41 AM) JohnH: Crap, I think I will have a couple shots of vodka and hit the sack—mini-nerd over and out (01:23:52 AM) nickj2: oh, justin brings up a very important point there… never try to argue with a linux user. about anything.hehe (01:24:00 AM) gordiegor: maybe to him it is,but to morons like us( PC wise ) its not the thing,he can take care of tweaks and bugs very easily ! (01:24:06 AM) JustinXJS2: haha (01:24:22 AM) JustinXJS2: yup, dont argue with the linux users, it is hopeless (01:24:34 AM) JustinXJS2: night John (01:24:50 AM) nickj2: cheer up john, at least you haven’t installed it… (01:24:51 AM) JohnH: I’ll try and keep my mount shut about this secret of yours so others will continue downloading it (01:25:11 AM) nickj2: and you didn’t pay for it (01:25:31 AM) JohnH: nope, only in sleep

    yeah we call this people TOYA boys πŸ˜› . “i dont care about virus we got a nice anti-virus”

  36. @ Arun :
    I’m no mindless automaton n I can see the sarcasm in his reply – while pity, ur opensrced mind can’t πŸ˜›
    pS : I read thru’ the *superamazing* BN link and thats the reason why I put it up here for the world 2 c !

    @ rest of u :
    Sarcasm/puns intended are to be quoted so, for some of the freaks just can’t get it !

  37. @Arun:
    May I quote myself again:
    “No one, (other than you I guess), has the time to read huge pages of text.”

    By that I surely didn’t mean you post an unformatted piece of chat log which is sooooo easy to read and that too, about something I really don’t care about.

    And if you had cared to even read my reply @ BN before making another random comment, I’ve used Linux, and I also promote Open Source. Sadly YOU guys can’t think the other way. I wonder which of us are real blind freaks. 😐

  38. @ Arun :
    Yes I do !
    And I don’t know why you are trying to drag my religious profile over here !
    I sincerely don’t approve of that & usage of blasphemous language HERE !

  39. @ Arun :
    Yes I do !
    And I don’t know why you are trying to drag my religious profile over here !
    I sincerely don’t approve of that & the usage of blasphemous language HERE !

  40. @Arun: What is with you people?
    When you guys don’t have anything to counter the arguments made by other, you end up:

    > Posting links to pages that have so much content that the reader will forget why he opened it in the first place.
    > Without any reason, blatantly disagreeing to the argument, and supporting it by using new words that your mom wouldn’t want you to know.
    > Making up random tags, references to something completely unrelated and changing the topic of conversation completely.
    > Bringing abstract topics like “Freedom”, “Truth”, “Loyality”, “THE Matrix” and what not when you can’t reply back with something concrete.

    It’s a pity nearly half the “Open Source freedom fighters” like you don’t know how to converse properly, give reasons or make convincing arguments. I pity the “Freedom fighters” community. I guess you should ask your Open Source leaders to hold a bootcamp too (Ofcourse, you’ll have to do with a free accomodation, and instead of lectures on Open Source technology, you’ll be calling people from all over the world to talk about freedom, life, alien invasion & Karma). If you guys get time, please learn how to Speak, Type (oh and also how to THINK).

    I’m expecting a plethora of links from your side about how one of the alien ships was running Windows 98, and how the Twin towers were actually destroyed by M$ evangelists and what not.

    Guess what. I don’t care. 😐

  41. @ Arun :
    πŸ˜• Eekk.. i never will understand ur intentions anyway! 😑
    Anybody else does??

    Well thank you!

    Oh yea …. I AM obnoxious,irritated,annoyed(and the rest of those synonyms) Guess why ?? 😑
    I can’t see no point in further discussions !
    R.I.P Thread . 😐

  42. *Sigh*
    This sure was fun.

    @Arun: Do come back after your camp is over. Hopefully, we’ll have a great convo after that! πŸ™‚

  43. @ Rash :
    LOL .Bootcamp for OS freakos …Unimaginable πŸ˜› πŸ˜† ROFL
    That was a GOOOd one ! hahaha πŸ˜†

    @ Arun :
    >> Go to heaven let the shepherds guard you from all the evil
    Didnt mean to start the pointless convo again : but couldn’t help laughin @ this one : Shepherds guard sheep.Angels guard people. Guess whos obnoxious now and can’t or never will think straight πŸ˜›


  44. @RocknRoll:
    Come to think of it, I have my exams going on. Maybe I should take a break from my Evil M$ Army duty for some time. πŸ˜€

  45. @Arun: By project, do you mean you printed my comment and placed it next to your comp? Wow. That was fast! πŸ™‚

  46. FYI

    β€œI have lost my sleep and peace of mind for last two months over these distasteful activities by Microsoft.”

    –Professor Deepak Phatak IIT bombay

  47. I lost my sleep long back. Peace of mind? Don’t ask.

    Guess I’m already immune to the M$ disease. πŸ˜€

    *Peace out*

  48. Seriously people don’t any of you have any other timepass.
    This is very boring sh*t. Pls everyone quit.

    There are lots of useful stuff u can do than posting here.

    Ciao. Good day to all…

  49. @Ashok:
    Agreed. But this is the first time I’ve ever had a convo (never had such long convos on this topic before), so I just got excited a little. πŸ˜€

    Anyway the topic is closed (For now πŸ˜› )

    Cia everyone!

  50. @Ashok
    Well said…

    pls go outta tis convo n do sum other work
    esp gracelyne n sag…

  51. Wow !! people kicking me outta my own blog forum !!
    Only happens here !!! 😯
    Thought of hitting a century on this post !!
    And I’m 10 runs short ,as of now πŸ˜›
    Have a nice day
    Like I said(earlier) πŸ™„
    Rest In Peace ,Thread !
    You were good while you lasted
    ➑ Quitting …..
    Gone ! ➑
    *Door Slam*

  52. tats good…
    i tink tis s d first tym ur post gets tis much comments…rite?

    >>people kicking me outta my own blog forum !!
    not outta ur blog…juz do concentrate on other posts lik ur singin masterpiece…

    tis way u ve promoted ur blog to many readers i tink…rite?
    don hang about hittin 100…k πŸ™‚

  53. @ gracelene and @ SAG Arun…

    Fantastic guys..
    I wonder how u both are going to work as a team in my concern πŸ˜›

  54. @Ranjani :
    Yea .You guessed right πŸ˜›

    @Karthik :
    As long as I have this MSP tag attached to me,it’ll itch him to pieces – But the fiery speech would fade soon enuf ,whence ther’d be no neccessity for it πŸ˜›
    Decipher it the way u wanna πŸ˜›

  55. Wonderful blog! Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid
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    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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