Domain Name Contest

SEO Blogging Tips, is the blog about Search engine optimization & Blogging tips.For those of you who don’t know wat Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is all about : Its about getting your website get a higher pagerank on google & other search engines,so that ultimately get thrown up in search results.

The site features blog tips,monetize tips,product reviews,professional bloggging stuff,promos,Seo,social media,tools,twitter,wordpress category posts.I’ve been skimming thru’ a few & must say – it really has great content (And am not just saying that) ranging from latest tech updates to seo tips like PR, Alexa rankings to blog tips like choosing your niche to .. everything in this web2.0 world.

Marking their completion of 50 posts,they’ve announced this domain name contest.

And since…a domain for my blog is somewhere in the front of my mind,I wanna vie for this piece of candy!Winning this means -(wowie) Getting a new theme & that look i’ve wanted to give to my personal blog…I mean which blogger wouldn’t want a domain?!

Thanks Amol for the contest.

My fingers are crossed !

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