Memoirs of Those lovely days



searching down memory lane! This one’s strictly a personal post lying in my drafts for sometime now! Few months back, I attended a free self-analysis workshop(some boring stuff), arranged by one of the local NGOs.Every attendee was questioned about, their unforgettable moment in their life so far. Please note that all of us were barely in our mid 20s… Nobody has achieved any thing great, other than being the coolies of the silicon valley of india, serving Fortune 500 biggies and some of us with a job offer,but no call so far!

Ok let me not deviate…for the most unforgettable moment…few samples for you:

The moment I got my job in campus interview….. (fair enough !!)
When I came first in school in +2 ( ekka andipatti la neenga first vantha enna last vantha enna… πŸ˜› )
When my parents got married…( :O Beats me )

I thought for a while…(Thought bubbles:Mebbe..The Day when my lil bro’s leg got trodden over by a bus & I was flitting around my parents asking whether I can donate blood,skin… (or) That awesome summer camp I went to once.. Kinda like the Camp ROck stuff,with all the singing & dancing \m/ Well atleast that’s a good memory) I could not come up with a single specific day that is unforgettable. I told the audience that my 4-years of college life are unforgettable in my life πŸ˜€ . In fact it’s true with most of us and you would agree on this with me.

On an ironic note, I was unfortunate to finish my engineering in the stipulated 4 years…there are much more fortunate souls, who enjoyed full 6 years with all the privileges of a college student.

So when somebody utters the word college, what comes to your mind ??

lemme list down my personal favorites …the list is exhaustive! FYI,I graduated from a not-so-typical** #1 govt-affiliated college from south tamilnadu


Class Room Yawning
This is the most fun part of college…Especially with all the rules just waiting to be broken!We meet friends five or six days a week,if we are not sleeping and not bunking class(In the name of “official” stuff or “otherwise” πŸ˜‰ .. A typical class day for me & my pals,who usher me to her Majesty’s Last bench would begin with a run @ 9:01 am for the 9 am class,(sometimes caught by the Principal himself,who’d make us even more late :-/ ) Its a 15 minute walk from hostel..But @ our breakneck speed we take less than 4 minutes Woot!! )In case you are rolling your eyes & raising ur brows, Refer **

Canteen / Mess
We meet friends, wage war with the mistresses for larger pieces of chicken, bigger watermelon chunks,omlette eating competitions 3 times a day, almost every day for 4 full years.Not to forget the times we cheated on them with the token system.It was a fair cheat tho’, I’d say.Canteen breaks with a gang of equally hungry people skipping those ada dosa mornings & with 0€ in pockets, turn out to be monstrous fun times!Equally unforgettable are those chitchats on the hostel patio with chilled drinks & icecreams πŸ™‚

Hostel Room
How can we forget the dingy rooms of first year or our own private world “single-cell” of the final year! Being put up next to the warden’s cell.. Me & my first year roomies were given a safe place to have fun -Outside our rooms,*supposedly* under the nose of the hostel staff! πŸ˜€ Second year – Shifted to a higher place of safety => default PA announcements for G-38 to come & apologize! Dear ex-warden,If ye were wondering who put out the lights to ur room,frog in your door step & locked ye in..We solemnly say we had nothing to do with it ,even though you proof-lessly doubted us! X(

vacation Study Holidays
In which we did everything except studying..hours of untiring gossips,making trips to friend’s homes some 500 miles or more! \m/ Woah ! Awesome Amazing trips,treks,times they were!!

Educational tours
Dont get dis-oriented by the name.. The tours have nothing to do with education – comes once in an year, mostly accompanied by psychic staff (& sometimes the fun ones too) ..but we can’t afford to miss it ..its great fun!!  I especially remember in first year.. the whole class ducking away from the sight of the staff & getting lost in the themepark crowd..which put us behind schedule & them in trouble,leading to a string of events *undiscussable*! We love you teachers for putting up with all that. Industrial Visits usually begins on a xtremely jolly note & end in ‘discos’ (not the A public dance hall / the dance music) perhaps only in my almamater !

Mostly stereo-typed (either networking hacker-peter || the silent killer stuff that passes comments in the bg making the class roar! || The ‘plz  lend your notes’ palam || the *official club* kadalai people!!)with certain exceptions that, like to break ice by throwing paper balls at you //I;m expecting your comment here πŸ˜› @jug // , but obviously a strange commodity to handle with their strange sentiments…and resultant Fun times!

Lecturersvaathi !

Those people who teach you stuff or sometimes dont that u have to put up with

Sick and Boring – 50%

Imsai – 20%

Torture Dharma types – 10%

Arivu Jeevi Type – 5% ( they understand the subject..but cant make us understand)

Sooper type – 5% ( they are a rare breed, who have teaching sense and common sense)

Kankaans Type – 5% ( enna nadanthaalum kandukarathu illa..Me myself and black board)

Jollu Party – 5%

Examssssss …
Terrifying isn’t it..remember the Potenial arrear papers – Digital Signal Processing,Probability& Queuing theory(basically Engg Mathematics,we ALL sucked at) Computer Architecture,Visual C++,Circuit theory, advanced control systems,machine design for mechies…. Danger “antenna” for ece folks.. fluid mechanics for civilians….each one had their own share of nightmarish subjects.

copy adikuradha paru!!   bit adipom

Schedule Test
This is total fun…It really helped us to find out innovative methods of “bit” shifting..copying..getting caught & escaping! \m/


This is really pain in the neck… Yes! We got to do it…even if you going to copy it from some so called *brilliant* students,who do it first & submit first making others to follow suit!! Athuvum intha maths department iruke…..romba than torture pannuvaangapa!!

OD (On-Duty)
This is real deal….to bunk the classes…..we got ISTE, IEEE, CSI, Science Forum, Debate Club, Photography Club, , MCC πŸ™‚ , Asso, Sports, Fine Arts(Front Stage, Back Stage), Paper Presentation, Project, Tour Arrangement et al., and guys keep inventing more legitimate stuff to bypass the attendance register!

Cultural Fests/ College Day

Rangolis, Fashion Parade, dances, other college guyz &galz .College life is damn colorful!

Apology Letter ,DISCO,Fines
The Apology letter is one insanely “kenathnamaana” concept..My college has a “room pootu yosikura gang of officials” for ways to make poor students write them!We have to write a letter of apology for everything from shouting in the study hour, bunking the class and staying in hostel without permission, mid-night birthday celebrations (I really don’t get it why innocent girls can’t celebrate b’days too)etc..The funniest part is they impose a limit on the number of apologies that can be written.Its actually gr8t that they don’t have a centralized office server system to keep track of this too..! *Oops am I triggering idea bulbs ?:P * Discos are the enquiry session that about 90% of the times end up with a suspension order,which could be a week’s legal holiday for you to chill you toes.If you’ve been lucky enough to endure the ordeal(you usually find it funny..but unlaughable @ that time)the moment you make your Come-back,people treat you like the king of gangsters & you become quite popular! 😐 slam-book

Autograph Book 

I remember some guys invest a great deal of money in getting a Nightingale autograph book, to impress the girls. He would not even have spent that much amount in getting sheets for his college lecture notes. πŸ˜› This item is not only a prized possession,but also Pandora’s box ** Slam book gets u a free pass to the slammer πŸ˜›

The lab….some of my friends still have nightmares about the labs..the tough-to-crack ubiquitous engg, professors will literally harass you and make you feel, that you are the sickest and most dumb among all.There’s usually much ado about entry signature(the staff’s autograph only if your circuit diagrams,algorithms,equations,program code are right *in their eyes*) that’d gain you attendance for the 1/2 day lab session.

Final Year Project Sessions:

Woha !! FYP Days: These were probably the most unproductive days of my college life! If my mentor or any of my lecturer gets to this part ,without dragging more traffic to my blog : ” I hate to admit it.Please dont be mad on me.Love you all πŸ˜€ “

Now for the ** part :

not-so-typical**  – It is one of the premier institutions where discipline is ranked the biggest priority.In the name of discipline friendly convos with people of the opp sex is deemed illegal,(Guess this is more than enuf to drive home my point.) where the word ‘girl’ ,’fun’ + similar words are ungoogle-able,where fun is supposed to be nowhere in the books of the students..

Pandora’s Box : If these books are caught,they open up a new world & all company secrets such as the class hangouts,escapade,birthday celebs,the other illegal exchanges etal.., would be brought to limelight & needless to say more trouble!


Glorious days isn’t it…. Distance leads enchantment to view! I thought I’d be the last person on earth to miss that life.. I *shamelessly* admit I miss my college life,now that I’m out of it!

Your turn now: Have I missed something? πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Memoirs of Those lovely days

  1. Truly how the hell can i forget the four years in college life.. It taught me a hell lot of stuffs . But i was lucky to have studied in a good instiution and not a strict one like u. .. I dont know the meaning of a lot of things u hav spotted here namely
    *Class Room
    *Schedule Test
    *Project Sessions
    *OD ( all time OD only so need to apply for ODs lol)
    *Apology Letter

    Also have a look at

  2. coollll… tis s almost autobiography f gracy 4m 05-09 i suppose :)…i reaally visualize d days wen u wrangle 4 ur majestic last bench…an unforgettable naughty poppycock u r…..

  3. @Becks:
    Yeah,I’m clearly part of the one in a million crowd! πŸ˜€ Thats the bright side of our crowd πŸ˜›

    Why are u using a bugmenot email id??
    Anyway..bro’s leg got fleshless ..After a series of surgeries he was up & walking after 3 months!Thank God!

    @Nithi :
    Yeah! autobiography sorta only!! πŸ˜€ Me a poppycock :O !!!!

    @Hacker-Peter :
    Yess!! I didn’t πŸ˜€

  4. Wonderful post grace…..shows the brighter side of our college life. “Project days are the unproductive days of our college life”–true. What rankles me about life in mepco is the substandard quality of teaching. Discipline should help people in growing up as an individual…..just couldn’t figure out the purpose of imposing draconian rules which has nothing do with normal life. College catering technical education must ensure first that their staffs are fit enough to take class before framing rules.(Really shame of those folks who speak discipline all the time without (properly) doing their duty i.e..teaching). You belong to a department which supposedly enjoyed the most of college life among the 2005-09 batch. I believe that MCC doesn’t belong to the list of “official club-kadalai people”. For some time now I too was thinking abt making a post of our college life but still couldn’t find any defining moments attributed to a college. Undoubtedly the best among ur posts. πŸ™‚

  5. Hey its really nice to luk back our cherishable moments..u reminded everytig of our college life.. The most interestin in it is u hav mentioned al the truth…and all the pictures beautifullyy remembers me u… u covered everytig gal πŸ™‚

  6. @ || the *official club* kadalai people!!)with certain exceptions that, like to break ice by throwing paper balls at you //I;m expecting your comment here πŸ˜› @jug // , but obviously a strange commodity to handle with their strange sentiments…and resultant Fun times!

    Thanks grace for the publicity u have given me!The only thing a boy could successfully do at mepco s the so called “club kadalai”-the name u hav given…[need words of suppot frm fellow OBs of mepco]and the paper balls the most interesting “in house” game devised by 05cs!u were the best of targets :)…

  7. @Bala:
    >>Discipline should help people in growing up as an individual…..just couldn’t figure out the purpose of imposing draconian rules which has nothing do with normal life.
    COuldn’t agree more !! πŸ™‚

    >>You belong to a department which supposedly enjoyed the most of college life among the 2005-09 batch.
    Yeah! We had the best &worst of both worlds πŸ˜›

    >>he most interestin in it is u hav mentioned al the truth…
    I ALWAYS tell the truth yaar πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    >>Paper balls the most interesting β€œin house” game devised by 05cs
    Can’t wait for Yasodha to see this.. I always thought she was the best of the ‘missed’ targets πŸ˜‰ ! Anyway Thanks .. I AM honoured πŸ˜›

  8. Hey gracy ..However strict our coll was..However palam like i was in my initial days in coll..I miss them so badly..Though am doin my post grad in anna univ..which is truly the ideal coll with lot of free hrs and unlimited freedom it cannot be compared .000000001 percent to UG days..Antha alavuku oru care free attitude oda ipairukka mudiyaathu..U r expected to be kinda responsible..And wen i see those happy UG faces in coll..I can only go back to those happy memories tat we had in our class.. Chance less they are gracy..Am missin them terribly..

  9. Hey Grace..that was a wonderful recap of my college dayz…..hehe got time to read no only… πŸ™‚

    //chitchats on the hostel patio with chilled drinks & icecreams

    romba build up kuduthu irukkiye :P..hehe

    and I liked the classification of Boys..hehe :-D…..official club* kadalai people huh??

    donno how much to comment wud like to comment on each n every line…..truly memorable events of Mepco !!….

    A wonderful Post too !!!!!

  10. @Sudha:
    Wow! Makes total sense!!
    Bygone days ll never come back!! 0.0000000001 % ??? 😦
    All the best for ur PG.Do try to freak out & have fun @ tyms πŸ˜‰

    Cha!! En build up a correst a kandupidichuteengale!! πŸ˜›
    Hehe..there’s more to the classification… But this seemed more than enuf πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the lovely cmnt πŸ™‚

  11. kalakal blog yu have…really fancied yur take on college:) brought me back lotsa memories….ha ha lol on the class room and jollu party’s, agreee…. bit adikama epo namelam exam write pani irukom!..yeah final year:)! wow i remember those days of project hours….onumeee seyala…other than mokai each other!..ha ha nice blog yu hav…will keep peepin in..

  12. oh thank god…and a wonderful take on college life indeed πŸ™‚
    DSP- degree stopping paper actually turned out to be an easier one for our batch though!

  13. That was really a great fun post to read. A wonderful take on college life. I guess no matter when and where but some things are the same everywhere.

  14. Well, this clearly reminds me of my first year in college. I used to live in a hostel too but then I left by the fourth year [which is now] because of the fees going crazy. Ah, I guess I’ll really miss my college too even though I’m waiting for it to get all over because engineering is killing me 😐

    You’ve got a nice blog here. *bows down and follows*

  15. @hary :
    πŸ˜€ Thanks for peeping in! =)

    @NM :
    Err… your in Are u my junior batch person.?Umm..from my college or something? *wondering* “Reveal yourself!”

    >> I guess no matter when and where but some things are the same everywhere.
    Yea!! Very true indeed πŸ™‚

    @Anamika :
    >> engineering is killing me
    Hehe!! Just hang in there..With time,you’ll be drafting something like this! πŸ˜›
    *bows back* πŸ˜€

    Thanks all for commenting & Welcome aboard, new visitors πŸ™‚

  16. hey..nice post..Well to tell you the truth , it was like recalling my own college days. Engg is indeed lotsa Fun.. And the final year project days…truly fun…

    so wat company you got into..?

    When i got the call, soon after 15 days the company shut down its pune branch. Lol… Cnt stop thinking about it…. πŸ˜›

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