55 Fiction

Well..I was unsure on whether to publish this* or not.. After seeing the heart-warming comments I received at the contest entry page..I thought “Might as well hit the Publish buttton” And by this* I meant my 55 fiction.

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.And this piece of fiction was written for TheColorsMagazine contest.Well Anyway,without further ado,Presenting….<DrumRoll>



“I’m done. Meet ya backstage”, Eric quickly whispered. She flitted as though led by hypnotism.

He pecked at her cheek

“You missed!”

Flirty conversation… Making out… All was quiet but for the suspiring noise.


Naturally panicking Eric said “Somebody call the ambulance. I’m on with the Heimlich maneuver”

Check out all of the entries here (they are all damn good).

P.S: I’ve written another 55fiction based on personal experience.Read on. =P It maybe shabby,but its still my baby! 😉


Something was fishy about tonight’s tranquility..

Briana slipped into her nightgown .

He lay low, ready to pounce anytime.

Lights turned out!

Gulping the lump in her throat she slid under-covers…Her mobile glimmered as she received that last goodnight .

That was his cue he pounced on her .

Shrieking, she jumped out ,“Frigging moth!”

Note: I have mottephobia ..Not that I’m the extreme case..But I read this piece of English literature when I was 15,and since then get reminded that Moths are souls of the dead waiting to Pass through Purgatory…(dead souls,yet alive : Incase you didn’t get the title) <shuddering> So that is one reason I freak out whenever I see one.

Enough 55 fiction for a post.Hope to brew some real good ones,with time!I know I’m getting there 🙂

13 thoughts on “55 Fiction

  1. that’s really funny. lol. i admire the way you twisted a backstage romance into a humor. that’s really great job. Humor is something that I actually plan to develop in my work. I don’t do often.

    Loved it 😀

  2. lol. Nice one. Have to remember that if I ever land up in backstage trouble. On second thoughts, it doesn’t seem all that bad when you think about it. 😀

  3. I can’t stop reading your blog! You’re amazing with those 55 fictions.

    BTW, is it okay if I don’t understand some of ’em? 😛

  4. Hey u know wat I’m gonna post for this one !!

    Clever Eric ;)..hehe

    Anyways !! I’ve posted abt this in my blog too !!! 🙂

  5. Woah!! Something awesome happened today.. Was tweeting something to Ashok Banker, the Indian novelist & short story writer and… He complimented me on this 55 fiction!!
    I soooo wanna quote that here : =)

    ashokbanker to his friends

    Read @g33f ‘s “55” fiction. Very nice. http://bit.ly/4A5CMi
    about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck


    @g33f Your 55 fictions are really cool. You must write more. Do a collection. Call it “55 IN 55”. Or “555 in 55”. :~)

    😀 Yay!! Call it #shamelessselfpromo or watsoever… but YAYYYY!!! I’m so happy!!! =)
    BTW,I’m @g33f on twitter 🙂

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