Im_Back Okay! So clearly, I’m not the best blogger in the world. It has only been, umm… 6 months since I last posted ._O  & It took me a little more than the indiblogger rank going down, receiving spam blog comments, to drill down the negligence quotient to my lazed dazed brain.

If you were wondering what I was up to all this while, the answer pretty much amounts to this : Living a phase of my life that I’d like to title ‘WORK-part 1’. Life was pretty darn cool.And that,requires a post of its own to do it justice,especially since a lotta people (4 is a big number too 😐 ) have been asking me how my work experience was. 😛

I’ve been queuing up a dozen posts on the back of my head,but its taking me forever to put it down.But it will all happen,i promise.Just incase you thought I was off the social media all this while, you ARE sooo wrong! I’ve been tweeting like crazy 😀 & that I figure is the rationale behind this blogger’s block that I had. Anyway,good news is: Gracy is back for good! 😀 & Maybe there’s gonna be a shift in my writing ..hopefully,for the good (I just reread some of my older posts & i was like.. *covers eyes & turns away.No puke*) . So come back again and check out Coupe de grace (God! I should get my blog a better name.) I’ll just cut the crap here & sign out before i get hit by those pelts! 😛



Version 4.20 Build 211114

10 thoughts on “Yoo-Hoo

  1. Well welcome back to blogging. 🙂 Instead of queuing the posts in back of your head start drafting them in live writer instead :P.

  2. First of all!! Welcome Back!!! 🙂

    //Gracy is back for good!
    Hamma mudilaye…edho Actress Meena back to acting apdingra range la feelings vidrae 😛 hehe

    //Maybe there’s gonna be a shift in my writing ..hopefully,for the good
    Kaviri prachanaya theethu vekka blog eludha poriyaaaa 😛 :mrgreen:

    //Version 4.20 Build 211114
    By the way idu enna….enna solla vara?? :mrgreen: 😕

    Anyways I was in full kalachifying mood!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: so don’t mind!! hehe

    Keep writing….

  3. @ karthik & Rajesh
    Thanks =) Good to see yall here ! 😀

    Namaku namee build up panalana who will?? 😀
    Version 4.20 Build 211114 >>
    is the newest version of moi.. the other fancy no is coincidentally my empid 😛

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