17 thoughts on “A Rebranding mistake?*

  1. Good one Grace,,, Never knew you had such an passion for marketing!!

    You have put in a lot of effort i guess!! 🙂

  2. Funntasstic Post, wonder how companies go about spending so much of efforts and money on rebranding themselves; Brand definitely plays a role.. but eventually the service is what all matters!

  3. @jebaston : Now u know! And thanks 🙂

    @vijay: Mebbe in the hope it pays in the long run. Major risk, no?
    Totally agree – Servicing is what keeps the customer loyal!

  4. yeup! u can see that for the ‘wikipedia, Graphic design blog’ mentions. I did get to know a lot of information I otherwise didnt know! 🙂

  5. gud one da…ur becomin an out nd out mba grad 😉 airtel’s new ad for 3G video call s realli gud…so i guess dey ve got more up their sleeve dan jus changin d logo…let’s c 🙂

  6. @Ashwin : Too much I say ! 😛 But thanks anyway 🙂

    @vaishu : Yeah! 😉 Well, they better roll it out, good. Looks like the whole of India disapproves of this re-branding.

  7. I can say the new logo is a cheap copy of the Videocon Mobile logo. I did some basic rotations to both logos. Have a look at how similar they are :

  8. Yeah..Wat u tell is perfectly correct..The amount of money pooled in for rebranding could have been diverted for the improvement of customer service..I recently got terribly bugged wen i was automatically subscribed to a “Value” (U call tat trash value) added service which i have no use of by a commercial call from airtel and 30 bucks down the drain..The customer service fellow was not pickin up the call and wen i try to unsubscribe again 5 bucks down the drain..

  9. @sudha : Been there done that! I bet 89% of “airtel” subscribers have been thru that crap.
    Psst Let me tell you a secret here…
    I ‘d done a 1yr subscription to thier hello tunes and they stop it after a few months. i used the customer care for like 3 months each tym they said we ll resolve it in 24 hours.
    Fed up of making calls and throwing money down the drain I used thier online complaint box , a.k.a.., twitter and also emailed them a very stern note using a few terms like consumer court, sue etc., The manager guy replied with an apology and issue solved in 2 days. & they were after me!
    so u see, this method is good for such complaints 😀

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