B is for…

I am back again with my A to Z challenge, penning down best finds / brands (parenting support) I love.

B is for Bella Terra, Big Basket, Bril India, BSIM & BLW groups.

Bella Terra: I consider this one of my super finds – Cotton Fabric stuffed toys handcrafted to perfection and at really great prices! My personal favorite is the babywearing bears. So unique! The elephant doll at 200 odd bucks is such a sweet deal. All the soft toys from here are babysafe, eco-friendly, sustainable and come with the option to choose 100% natural stuffing.


Bigbasket: A boon for all the tired parents. While some say that grocery shopping is like a fun trip for them, most of the parent folks that are raising a child without much support from outside, can seek modern technology’s help to make our lives simpler. E-commerce FTW. And big basket , more so, because with their sleek app, I could order groceries in the middle of the night from the comfort of my bed and have them delivered when I wake up. I consider this good use of wake up time, thanks to a baby that kept having a sleep regression every once in a while during his first year.

BSIM: A group that is primarily for mothers and expectant mothers. They also include their support system (irrespective of gender). If you are expecting or have a tiny human, JOIN. If you know a friend who falls under the aforementioned category, DO urge them to join. I really wish someone had added me earlier. I’d have been better informed and at peace with myself, knowing the baby better and saving on trips to the hospital, that was 25 kms away. Can’t stress this enough…JOIN. It helps set expectations right, about life after a baby. Trust me on this one. 🙂

Bril India: They make kickass balance bikes, the one that is highly recommended for kids starting to learn riding a cycle. Balance bikes are a fairly new concept in India, and this is the only Indian industrial manufacturer I think there is. The bikes are awesome!

Fixing the wheels. We have a fix-it-upper

BLW: A way of life, to teach kids as young as 6 months old (which, btw, is the appropriate age to include solid food) to feed themselves. And did I say, only practice helps here and helping them understand and develop a great relationship with food by letting them explore textures and taste. There are a few basics you need to know – the right size and cuts of food (Did you know, a grape is a choking hazard and should always be halved before offered?) and other things, which will help you in your journey.


What are your favorite ‘B’ brands / parenting tools?

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