F is for…


Love ALL the fisherprice stuff that we own – the toys, the rocker etc.,. I find the plastic toys to be of the highest quality and we absolutely love it for that. It endures time and the test of a baby’s torture 😛 We particularly love the connect set, the shape sorter and the MEGABLOCKS. The megablocks is an essential part of a kid’s toy box, I think. It’s great for open ended play and endless fun.

More than these toys I am a big fan of these guys because of their “magic” rocker which helped put AZ to sleep in a jiffy, during the first 10 months of his life. One of the legs broke in between and Mattel had graciously replaced it. But when the other broke, a few months later – it was out of warranty and so could n’t be replaced 😦 sob sob. So we never got that replaced, but I do highly recommend this rocker, nevertheless.

PS: you’ll feel helpless for the first week , if this rocker breaks (God forbid)


Frangipani kids:

The nightwear is an absolute pleasure, to wear with such funky prints and a material that is so soft – thin cotton – It is a must have for the kids in India – It keeps the baby warm and cool at the same time. #TropicalWin.



Does anyone not know about them? Their kid activity boxes are super awesome and we love the 2-3 house explorer box that AZ has. Sure keeps him engaged and gives me the satisfaction of offering him structured learning opportunities.


19 thoughts on “F is for…

  1. Love all the products you have mentioned here. Rocker being our favourite too. Little one loves being rocked in it and she sleeps peacefully in it. Such a life saver

  2. Fisher Price products never let you down!! I think you and I are peas of the same pod. I love all the brands mentioned too 🙂 Frangipani is my current trending fav!!

  3. Haha I remember reading this challenge long ago.. glad you posted 🙂 My daughter really enjoys Fisherprice and the couple of Fintoboxes she’s tried too.

  4. Fisher Price rocker was a hit with my son.
    But Frangipani Kids and Flintobox sound amazing. I must give those a try, especially that adorable nightsuit. I have been looking for good-quality nightsuits for my son.

  5. We loved FischerPrice rocker. We had the same one. I have another F to add to this list which is ‘First Cry’. Almost all my kids shopping is done from this site.

  6. Firangi pani kurta payjama is so cute. I am going to check them soon. Fisher price is the best when it comes to kids products and flint box is the current favourite with all moms.

  7. We don’t have a Fisher Price rocker, but the one that we have has been a life safer. And omg, such amazing prints on that kurta! #tropicalwin it is. Thanks for the fab (another F :P) recommendations ❤

  8. Huge fan of fisher price and almost all their products. Keep buying something or the other for my 8month old. Cant wait to try the cutesy nightsuit from Frangipani. The print is too cute!!! ❤

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