Urby Quattro Jewelery organiser

The Urby: Elegant Gifts For The Minimalist In Your Life

If you are like me and rack your brains every time it comes to formal, functional and minimalistic gifting options, I’ve got good news for you! I recently discovered this urban lifestyle brand called URBY which has these lovely premium quality leather accessories and other gifting options, at excellent prices. How? Well, may you ask!

URBY  started as an answer to one simple question:

“Should High Quality Products Require A Luxury Price Tag?

As it turns out, the traditional retail model is not yet evolved. There are way too many middlemen along the way contributing only to the price & absolutely nothing to the product. We feel this is not fair and with Urby we have set out to create an alternative.”


Urby designs and crafts essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. By selling directly to the end customer, they eliminate the middlemen; thus offering high-quality products at non-luxury prices.

I received this beautiful Quattro jewelry box in my mail a couple months ago and this is my go-to travel jewelry storage as well as wardrobe storage box. Handcrafted in premium grained leather with rich velvet interior, the jewelry box features clever compartments that gently handles valuable jewelry. It features a small compartment to store bangles, bracelets jewelry ( I have used this to store my pendants), a ring/earring storage unit, and another mini compartment for those jhumkas. This is my favorite part: a pouch on the inner section of the lid that can be used to store chains and small items has been used as a drop hook jewelry hanger. Genius hack, I must say 😀 *pat on back*

These range of jewelry cases not only look elegant but also makes sure your jewelry is organized with ease.

Urby also features a whole range of other items such as passport holders, luggage tags and other travel essentials, wallets, purses, card cases, cufflink & tie organizers etc.,. These are the perfect gifting options for your colleagues, the minimalist in your life, or for people who hate anything flashy, without burning a hole in your pocket! Come thank me later. 🙂


Here’s a pretty BEFORE| AFTER pic for you to look at my minimal jewelry stash #3. Yes, I store them by categories. This one is a Sunday wear one.

12 thoughts on “The Urby: Elegant Gifts For The Minimalist In Your Life

  1. My jewelry collection looks like the before picture🙈 This looks like a great product and I so agree that the price rise is more about middle men than the actual product cost.

  2. Gorgeous beautiful organisers. I have been toying with the idea od minimalism for a hwhile and this ome ticks off all the boxes

  3. This looks like a well designed jewellery box.. i do not really need a jewellery box, but will check out more products from URBY.. I am sure their other products are as good as this one.

  4. Ho beautiful this looks and I love the color as well. I so need this to keep my jewelry sorted.

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