Best AR Toys of 2017: Magic Joey

I’m a millennial parent and LOVE the world of opportunities new age kids have. So my 2.5 year old boy and I been playing / trying out some pretty awesome AR, VR toys for kids from 18 months+ ages and I’m itching to share my views about these super awesome AR toys for kids in India. I’ll be covering the AR toys I’ve tried, so I hope you’ll follow along in this journey with us!


Disclaimer: I ‘m a firm believer that everything in moderation is good. Lil Z is allowed screentime for his good (and my own sanity, sometimes 😛 )


Magic Joey App:

This is similar to the popular format of AR VR games in India – card type. Priced at Rs.499 this is competitively priced in the AR VR toy market. I got it for 449 during one of thier sales. This kit comes with a set of 32 cards. We got the fruits and vegetables one, when Z was in a phase where grocery shopping was the most fun and he loved identifying veggies and fruits.


I particularly love the quality of the kit and the perfect packaging in a sturdy box, that allows it to be stored after use. Once the app is installed and you scan the card, you get the animated view of the picture – in our case fruits and vegetables come on screen. There’s a quiz and its great learning for the kids.

What I also liked is that the cards are like flash cards and lends to open-ended play. We had the cards stacked and matched it with live fruits and veggies. That was fun too.
Overall, at this price point, its a lovely toy addition to our shelf


The app is free to download from Appstore and Playstore.

You can purchase this on Amazon.


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