Hello, Summer Hair!

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine]


One thing I’ve noticed in India is that even though women shaving her head is seen as very odd in society, purely because of all the judgmental voices in people’s heads; it also is seen as a privilege especially when done for religious reasons at, say, a temple. As much as I love my shoulder length hair, I wish I could go shorter and perhaps shave my head one day soon, just to experience how liberating that could be.

My good friend dealt with having tonsured head and the wig experience during this summer. And here’re some reasons why a tonsure is a great idea for young adults:

  • Life just changes 180 degrees after shaving off, because, for one, the sweaty, sultry weather can’t get to you – and have your hair in a mess. Win!
  • Hair washes all day, baby!
  • The need to not spend so much time combing, hair care and more importantly, no need to spend a lot of money on hair maintenance as well. Suits me 😀

No matter the reason, there’s always a little shyness when this happens and getting a wig in place of the bald head is totally an acceptable option! And the most effective of the way to hide the shave. The aforementioned friend had a big event that she’wanted to prep for and a wig was one of her first choices, of course!

Enter Divatress, the most natural synthetic wig, used by most professional stylists. Look no further than Divatress for your next human hair lace front wigs. They have an excellent collection of glamorous and sophisticated lace front wigs for you to shop through. Accentuate your beauty with a human hair lace front wig that will make you feel amazing inside and out. Various styles are available, from sexy, tousled locks to glossy, straight hair, and you are sure to look stunning in any of our wigs. There’re options to match your natural hair color to one of our many color options or transform your look with a new, eye-catching shade and achieve the look you have been wanting with help from a human hair lace front wig from Divatress. Start shopping Divatress today!


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