Stress-free Way to Kill Mosquitoes

Monsoons mean happy times, hot chai and pakora, rainy walks, muddy puddle jumps and lazy days for the most parts, but… also bring with it many discomforts, the biggest of which is the mosquito menace. Is it just here in Chennai, or are mosquitoes worldwide of late, giant, immortal creatures, that forever buzz in our spaces during this time of the year? *shrug*

As a mom, one of my biggest enemies are the mosquitoes. We do take precautions to keep our home clean, stagnant water free etc.,. but we still need to adopt measures, because a little nook is all these mosquitoes need, to enter in.

These are some of the common ways to keep them at bay and some precautions I take

  • Close windows and door before sunset
  • Refrain from going out post evening to morning
  • Diffuse Citronella/lemongrass essential oil
  • Our windows have white drapes, and the bedsheets are mostly white or light solid colors, so we can easily spot one.
  • Night suits – full sleeved ones with pants till
  • Mosquito bats – This has become useless of late, with them failing to charge every 2 months.
  • Effective mosquito killer products such as Goodknight Power Shots – Spraying one shot in each corner of the room for 12-hour protection from mosquitoes is a good habit

There’s a lot of dengue and malaria scare even in the times that we live in, which is extremely unfortunate, but the only way to keep our families safe is by using products that actually work at eradicating these troublesome mosquitoes. Here’s what I do area-wise, to keep for mosquito protection:

  • Our kitchen is the biggest wet area. I ensure that there is no stagnant water there in the sink area. We do keep counters clean. The garbage disposal are under the sink is a problem area and a power shot does the trick if I spot any in that area.
  • Our living area is mopped every day to keep the spaces clean. Occasionally we spray the area if we find any pests.
  • Our nursery / play area has a lot of open shelves – these are easy resting places for these mosquitoes. Given a chance, I’d go for closed storage, but for now, in this situation, I use diffuser oils – These are the gentlest way I know because it concerns my little fellow. 😊
  • Our bedroom ritual is a sight to behold during mosquito season – Armed with an insect racquet in one hand and a power shot in the other, we clean it up religiously every other night, that it’s super funny and super stressful at the same time, until we used the right products for all night protection and a goodknight indeed. 😉
  • If there’s one tip I will give folks, it is to use light colored or white as much as possible in interior décor. Not only is that aesthetic, but it helps in spotting insects, dirt etc.,. pretty easily. The place can be really sanitized, therefore.
  • For open spaces like the balcony & garden, Goodknight Neem Activ+ coils are a good thing to use, mainly because the smoke doesn’t stay indoors.
  • For outdoor trips, mosquitoes patches and roll on and are super effective. Always carry one on your trip with little ones. And dress them so there’s maximum skin coverage.

Check out the entire range of products from Goodknight here – I really like their site that has this drop down to select products as per your preference. personal favorite: this mosquito spray

Let me know in comments below your tips for keeping the space mosquito-free!

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Goodknight. More ideas for stress-free ways to kill mosquitoes can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.]

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