Mother Sparsh baby wipes for First Time Moms

Forget bread & butter, wipes & diapers are a new parents’ staple household item!

Early 2017, my little one had been developing rashes because he was still on diapers and we needed a solution for that which will not harm his skin and give us peace of mind, because, let’s face it: new parents are a scared bunch of people, always on the lookout for triggers that might leave the baby with discomfort. I was no less, and have always strived to use natural products as much as possible, which is what led me to the water wipes search in the first place. Yes, we do use water and cotton cloth wipes at home, but we haven’t been able to extend that on our outings. The Mother Sparsh wipes is exactly what we were looking for and my week-long search for water wipes ended when I discovered Mother Sparsh’s wipes on Amazon. #Firsttimemom wins!

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this brand because the American brand that I was originally planning to buy was proving to be expensive with all the import fees and when I was searching for pure water wipes – because let’s face it nothing beats the purity of water on the baby’s skin.

Also, because it’s water wipes that means it’s paraben free, alcohol-free and worry-free indeed — I don’t mind wiping his bum, and even hands, face with it when necessary and fear that he may put the hand in mouth. So that way it’s an EXCELLENT choice for Indian parents, to sanitize on-the-go, quickly: hands before eating, toys or binkies or bottles that have fallen down – Yes, we’ve used it for practically 10,000 reasons. This can double as a makeup remover as well! So all in all, a great choice for our family!

And the smell is mild and really good!

Knowing that the product we use is all natural and bio-degradable makes us hold Mother Sparsh in even higher regard! #PlasticFree, yo!


  • Hypo-allergenic (Non-allergenic)
  • 98% Water Wipes
  • Suitable from Birth
  • As good as Pure Water & Cotton
  • Non Allergic and Free from Adversities
  • Safe, Effective, Ayurvedic
  • India’s #FirstWaterWipes

It’s more than a year since we started using this, and there has been no compromise on effectiveness while using this. Or on baby skin health. The wipe is quite thick, stretchable and most of all mildly fragranced, which makes it appealing for the baby.

You can check out their complete range of products here.


Mostly all baby wipes are made of chemical products. But Mother Sparsh baby wipes are amazingly different. There is NO OTHER water wipes manufacturer in India!  Beat that! The only better alternative to this would be using water from the taps and cotton towels to wipe off.

Thank you so much Mother Sparsh for making our water wipes usage possible! ❤

They are available on all leading e-tailers and retailers. I’d purchased mine from


[Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by MotherSparsh. All views and opinions are my own]

6 thoughts on “Mother Sparsh baby wipes for First Time Moms

  1. These baby wipes are looking good. We should check the quality before buying wipes for our children. Nice review.

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