Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes [Review]

Happy 2019!

Surprisingly, no resolutions yet on the personal front, but boy do I really want to dedicate more time to The Grace Log. 😀

I want to share a detailed review of the water wipes I’ve been using for Zoe, that’s recently launched a NEW variant: the 99% water wipes. Before I post this product review, let me just tell you how much I love the utility value of wipes & how much I hate the soapy, heavily fragranced brand wipes. I can’t even imagine using them, because they give me a headache , literally – the scent for most parts and the soapy, chemical laden nature of it.


This is exactly what I love about Mother Sparsh wipes which I’ve jotted down in a post from last year, when Mother Sparsh wipes had 98% water. Great news, these wipes are now 99% water, which is an amazing feat, for a product that has excellent shelf life and highly effective as this. After switching to water wipes, these are my go-to wipes for every outing.

Undoubtedly, water is the gentlest element on the planet and combining it with all-natural plant fabric make this baby wipes gentle to the most sensitive part of body. Mother Sparsh uses super soft plant derived fabric that makes it gentle for baby’s skin.

There’s a huge difference you can feel after using lotion based wipes offered by other brands, which are chemical laden. Mother Sparsh water wipes are the next best thing to actually using water + cotton cloth wipe-down. Beat that. 😊 It goes without saying that if you have a neonate you are doubly careful about your product choices, and for you this is an absolute must-try.


As you can see, there’s Z enjoying his car time snack as we travel for our day trip. Water wipes for the post snack cleanup here. Here’s 5 reasons why this is a great product:

Extra Gentle Wipes Perfect for Neonate Sensitive Skin: – Mother Sparsh 99% Baby Wipes is specially formulated for extra sensitive skin of newborns. These baby wipes are made with the finest natural plant fabric and 99% pure water that are free from parabens, alcohol, sulphates, fragrances and any other chemicals which make them safest option to clean delicate skin of Neonate.

Biodegradable Wipes: With the plastic ban that’s in motion, Mother Sparsh just rules the roost with the biodegradable option wipes and because the quality of fabric is three times thicker than any other ordinary wipes, it makes them the best option to clean baby’s delicate skin.

Unscented Baby Wipes: – Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are fragrance-free, parabens-free and alcohol-free baby wipes which is gentle enough to use on baby’s delicate skin every day. These do not contain any harsh fragrances which make them perfect option for neonates.

Plastic Lid for Perfect Moisture Lock:  These are portable and come with a resealable sticker and a protective plastic lid that helps to lock the freshness and moisture of wipes for longer and also prevents the entry of germ or dirt.


Medical Grade Cloth/Plant derived Fabric: – Fabric is all natural plant derived with optimum thickness & softness which makes it non – reactive & non – allergic on baby’s skin.

Suitable for Face, Hands & Body: – Water wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and contains goodness of pure water that makes them perfect for cleaning baby’s face, hand and body. Perfect all around protection for your little one.

PS: These are great for removing makeup as well.


Priced at Rs.299 for 72 pieces, these sell like hot cakes on Amazon.

Have you used these? Tell me what you think. ❤


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