Product Review: Bella India

Ever since motherhood happened, I’ve had a stock of hygiene products that I didn’t necessarily need before that. (Bottomline: Do your kegels! :D) Yes, panty liners, varying range of sanitary products depending on the day of period and the occasion (outdoors/indoors) etc.,.


I’ve found what really works best for me, and I’m happy to share that with yall here: Bella India products, literally the softest, least harshest, most effective sanitary napkin I’ve used. Check out their entire range on their website. It’s a Polish brand and the name means a ‘Beautiful’ woman. Bella supports and connects women across the world through various social and educational activities to help women live a healthier life and discover their inner beauty.

Here’s the full range of products.

  • Bella – traditional sanitary pads
  • Bella Perfecta – ultrathin sanitary pads
  • Bella for Teens – sanitary pads, pantyliners, and tampons for teenagers
  • Bella Herbs – traditional maxi pads with different plant extracts (tiliaverbenaplantago)
  • Bella Panty – pantyliners
  • Bella Tampo – tampons
  • Bella Control – incontinence products for women


I recently tried these 4 and I LOVE that they work for long hours, have XL+ sizes, and don’t cause skin rashes at all for me. I find Bella Perfecta way more comfortable than the other brand napkins and there’s so much less physical and mental agony owing to skin rashes up there. That’s a total win. I highly recommend this!

They are available in all leading retail stores, online and offline. Check out the full list in the picture. Click here to get your free sample:


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