Why I Love My Borosilicate Lunch Box (And You Should Too! [Review: Homepuff]

As someone who works from home a lot, it is awfully easy for me to skip my mid-morning/evening snack or sometimes eat a less-than-ideal lunch. So I’ve been mindful of lunch packing this year, which is my you will see a LOT of that on my Instagram feed: @thegracelog. Nowhere near perfection, but getting there in terms of consistent efforts, and that’s what matters to me.

I don’t advocate plastic boxes because there are better options in the market like steel and glass which don’t harm our health like plastic does. So if you are looking to buy lunch boxes, check out this neat website, homepuff.com. They have an amazing range of home appliances and kitchenware, that I’m in love with. I tried the glass lunch boxes and the insulated tiffin carrier and I’m pleased to say I LOVE the quality and the durability.

If glassware lunches are alien to you, you must know these great points about Borosilicate glassware: They have been a preferred material of construction for virtually all modern laboratory glassware and glass process equipment for decades, with wide usage throughout the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Its special properties of chemical and thermal resistances make it truly an exceptional glass with unique characteristics that distinguish it from other materials of construction.

But how is it possible to feel warm and fuzzy about glass? Okay, maybe “love” is a bit too strong of a term to use, but I really, really like it and think you’ll find it pretty useful too.

home puff lunchbox open pic

homepuff lunch

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It’s very easy to prep and store the previous day in the fridge and pop it into the lunchbox as such (as I’ve done here with my fruit) or reheat later as appropriate. The homepuff lunch set comes with an insulated bag pouch and is the perfect portion for lunches. I also love the insulated container that’s used to keep food hot/ cold for up to 4-8 hours depending on packing temperature. What’s not to love here! 😍 The Homepuff range is 💯 fab and is affordable as well.

Check out their entire range of lunch boxes here:  https://homepuff.com/product-category/lunch-box/ 

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