7 Ways to Handle a Colicky Baby

The New born stage – The only thing I distinctly remember of how I felt during that time was the constant crying. The crying had worn me down to the point where I felt like joining in. Yep, mine wasn’t too much of a heavy sleeper, so every time he cried, we tried second guessing what the matter was. I use the formulaic approach that a well-meaning aunt equipped me with. If the baby cries,

  1. Check if the baby needs a feed or if fed needs a burp
  2. Check for susu / poo poo aka a soiled diaper
  3. Baby sleepy?
  4. Is it too hot or too cold?
  5. Baby’s clothing not comfortable ?

Little did I know about “colic” until my pead said that it can be an actual issue. I immediately changed the bottles to an ant colic bottle from Dr.Browns. But colic can really come in any form. According to research about 40% of all infants have colic. :O  It usually starts between  week 3 and week 6 after baby’s birth and should end by the time the baby is about 3 – 4 months old. If the baby is still crying excessively after that, some other health problem may be to blame.

Like a good millennial mother, I checked to see tips that can help my baby deal with colic and in turn give me some mental peace and shuteye. Here are a few:

  1. Lay him on his back in a dark, quiet room.
  2. Swaddle him snugly in a light blanky
  3. Lay him/her across your lap and gently rub his back.
  4. Cycle feet in the air to help aid passing of gas
  5. Baby massage.
  6. Soak him in a warm bath.
  7. Warm ajwain & hing in a  pan and tie it in a muslin cloth and rub it on baby’s belly. Keep it close to his body.

I have literally tried every single one of these and have found the last one especially helpful. Recently I came across something that will be of much help to ones that have a colicky baby.


As per the Indian Ayurveda, Hing (Asafoetida) helps remedy cases of colic,  flatulence & indigestion. It also cures tummy aches, constipation & stomach flu. Mother Sparsh has recently launched this super product called Tummy Roll On, an Ayurvedic solution for babies suffering from colic, indigestion and constipation.

100 percent Ayurvedic: – All the ingredients present in Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On are natural and free from toxins which make them totally safe to use on babies sensitive skin.

Portable – Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On is travel friendly as it is easy to carry while travelling. Just slip it in your purses, bags etc.,.

This one step process is just what I would have loved had they launched this in Sep 2015 or before   You can find The Tummy Roll on on AMAZON.IN.

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