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Jigsaw puzzles are challenging and beautiful no doubt, but 3D puzzles add a whole new level and dimension to it. 3D puzzles are absolutely fun not just because the finished product is display-worthy, but because the whole process is a learning experience as you learn about engineering, building, design and so much more piece by piece. Welcome to the 3D puzzle world.

Here’s a list of some kickass Indian makers who sell 3D construction puzzles, projects and paper engineering crafts: Some of these are paper engineering projects, but I’m going to call them 3D puzzles, because they are construction puzzles afterall.

Smartivity: They have a huge list of STEAM Educational Construction Toys with the sole objective of making STEAM learning smarter and fun. They are all made of wood and are fully functional science projects to put together.

Pegasus: They have some really interesting paper engineering projects that look spectacular.

Remember these paper construction projects we did. Soooo many of you wanted to lay your hands on this, and because I couldn’t find an alternative, I’ve scanned the ones we have in hand, so you can print them out and use. Just print on copier paper and stick that to thin cardboard like a cereal box and there you have it. 🙂

International Makers: The most popular form of 3D puzzles are architecture and you can find these from Ravensburger, Cubic Fun and Nat Geo, all of which are available on leading e-commerce portals. Check They aren’t stocked all the time, so you have to be on the look out for these international brands.

Ravensburger: The architecture puzzles are great. I love that they are numbered so you dont have to be anxious about not being able to put them together. We also LOVE the 3D spherical puzzles- they are an amazing piece of art. Who needs to buy a ready-made globe when you can build one yourself? Sure, it might take 73 or 540 pieces (depending on the variant you buy) to make it work, but the end result is pretty cool.

Cubic Fun: Lots of really great architecture projects to choose from. They are available in India via Hamleys and other ecommerce sites.

Bonus: This instagram page has a Medieval castle 3D project that’s at a steal. DM them.

I shall update the blog with more details once I get some time.

For now, let me know if you know of other makers in this space. Comments, thoughts, questions are welcome. Do share ❤

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Ever heard of the Australian ocean 🌊 and understand ocean? Watch and learn 😁 as Zoe & I put together our first 3D spherical jigsaw puzzle 🧩⁣ I overestimated the difficulty level of this one, not knowing how stupid simple Ravensburger creates puzzles that also don’t give you anxiety. 😆 These guys know their design engineering and I love how perfectly they all snap in place. We also have a football 🏈 3D puzzle and that one is a tad bit difficult compared to this, but each puzzle piece has a number on the backside that guides you through, in case you need directions. I for one, LOVE having that fallback option.⁣ Award-winning German brand Ravensburger has been making puzzles for over 25 years. They make some of the best quality puzzles through and through–from the outside of the box, to the thickness and cut of their pieces, to the design, to the crisp 'softclick' fit, and their lovely image reproduction. Ask any jigsaw junkie, once they are used to what brands like Ravensburger has to offer, everything else just doesn't seem to cut it. :d Needless to say, in every #thinkintoy feature of ours, this is the bar that we use for the ones we have reviewed. Glad to see local brands making world class jigsaws.⁣ ⁣ Along with your regular jigsaw puzzles, Ravensburger also specialises in 3D puzzles, Puzzleballs and a number of games for both children and adults. Have you tried a #ravensburger? Without question, this 🌎 takes the 🥇 for most intriguing puzzle design in our little 🧩 library. ⁣ ⁣ 🎁 Surprise: I’m giving away one of our ravensburger puzzle boxes. Comment telling me what’s the hardest or most fun jigsaw 🧩 you or your kid(s) solved so far and just tag your friends to win. ⁣Winner will be announced at the end of 24 hours. #thinkintoys #ravensburger #vocalforlocal #puzzle #puzzled #puzzletime #puzzlelover #puzzler #puzzlegames #puzzlemania #puzzlefun #thinkingtoys #puzzlegram #puzzlesofinstagram #kidspuzzle #logicalthinking #toystagram #giveaways #giveawaytime #giveawaycontest #madeinindia #arebarizhayizz

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