Top Puzzles for Kids in India 2020

Planning to buy a puzzle game for your kids? Take a look at India’s top puzzle brands for kids. I recently wrote a series of Instagram posts featuring Indian Puzzle and logical thinking toy makers that you can find filed under #ThinkInToys. In case you’ve not read the introduction to the series do check out this post.

When Zoe started on his puzzle journey, way back when he was a toddler, I didnt imagine this would be so much fun for him and that he’d have me hooked to it as well. So from 2 big jigsaw lovers, here’s the round-up of puzzles featured in season 1, In no particular order:


Learn, play and enjoy is what @Playqid products stand for and they make some of the BEST floor puzzles in India. NO kidding! Just look how sturdy and perfectly they interlock in the video below. This is particularly great for children because you don’t want to frustrate the beginners (say 2 years and above) by having pieces that move around or dismantle quickly. The cuts in the jumbo puzzle are unique and help the child understand the jigsaw logic before piecing things together. Swipe to see what we liked best about them.


All the way from Chandigarh, is @thewondrbox, the brainchild of an enthusiastic brigade of parents, teachers, illustrators, product designers, and children’s authors. They are a proudly #madeinIndia brand that has a potpourri of age-specific, fun-filled activities kits that make kids learn and excel through mind exercising puzzles, craft, and engaging innovative DIY tasks. ⁣
‘Where Learning Meets Play’ is Wondrbox’s mantra and they have a wide range of jigsaw puzzles, cards games, craft, and activity kit for age 2 -14 years. ⠀⁣
We own some of their 60 piece jigsaws and they are particularly great for ages 5+ or younger if they’re really into puzzles because the uniform puzzle shapes and the fact that it’s kind of a mystery puzzle in some ways, without a complete reference picture lends some fun complexity that Zoe totally digs.



Pegasus is a brand that stands for highflying imagination, all the way from Noida, UP– @Pegasus4kids ⁣ is an imprint of B.Jain Publishing Group based in Noida, and is one of the leading children’s book publisher in India with a presence in over 100 countries and more than 30 languages. ALl their books and games are very afforadable and I love that they work with various non−profit organisations to ensure books reach to the ones who can’t afford.⁣

They have a range of puzzles: jigsaws, constrution puzzles and other logic and word puzzles. Swipe to see all the prdcuts we love, and recommend from the store.⁣

Chalk and Chuckles

 Meet @chalkandchuckles, a passionate team of ’Play Advocates’ based in Delhi/Haryana who simply believe in the power of play in shaping children’s learning, skills, experiences & future, from the games they play today. ⁣
A future, where they will be active, confident, curious, flexible, creative, connected, kind, and happy adults. A future where every child will grow up to be self-reliant, feels worthy, shows empathy, engages the global community and never stops being a learner!⁣

They have a range of puzzles that help strike beautiful conversations with kids, logical thinking games and pretty clever board game designs. Swipe to see all the products we love!

Teaching kids how to perceive the world around them is far from easy. Especially, when we know how crucial formative years can be.⁣
Wildpaper designs early learning products that help kids develop their cognitive skills, motor skills, early literacy skills, language development and most importantly curiosity to question and learn! @makingwildpaper exists because they believe that a child’s early learning plays a crucial role in who they grow up to be and what they learn about life around them. Swipe to see what we love about this mom-led venture.⁣

The Colour Company

 TCC is a handmade home decor store that deals in earth-friendly products and handcrafted art. Introducing @thecolourcompanyin, that makes DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Kits that are a big hit in my house, as they combine our love our puzzles and art. This is an easy to put together Maker project for the kids that’s 100% STEAM-approved and more importantly FUN. This is fun for adults too. I used the other side to create a gradient I’ve been eyeing for a while. Swipe to see what we made and for some ideas. They also have a beautifully designed educational puzzle called “Fraction Fun’ to help understand the math concept.⁣

Brainbox Games

Brainbox Games is a multi-brand retail store from #Mumbai that sells new age educational games and toys. ⁣
They have a range of kids’ #ThinkINTOys for kids of all ages and at the BEST prices in the market, compared to e-commerce giants. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. We like all their #STEM toys and they now have a fab new range. 


Aticute, a multi-brand retail store from #Chennai that sells tried and tested educational games and toys. ⠀

They have a range of kids’ #ThinkINTOys for kids of all ages highly personalized service.⠀We like the HUGE selection of toys they stock. 

Biblubox from #Coimbatore  sells tried and tested educational games and toys. ⠀
They have a range of kids’ #ThinkINToys for kids of all ages at highly affordable prices.We like the HUGE selection of educational toys they stock.

Edu Edge

 @EDu.Edge is an Indian brand making premium quality, child-safe learning material for children 2 years and above They have a range of kids’ #ThinkINToys for kids of all ages at highly affordable prices. We like the HUGE selection of educational toys they stock and their informative product listing.

Toyroom Toys

 @toyroomtoys is an Indian brand that makes unique handcrafted wooden and natural toys that inspire kids to think creatively, embrace challenges and be persistent. Their selection of toys is inspired by Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio methods of Education and designed to nurture the imagination and holistic growth of the child. We like the open-ended nature of their toys, that grow with the child.

Toysome Days

 @toysomedays is a Banglore based toystore that intends to provide a unique variety of toys, that stimulate the child’s senses of touch, movement, balance, sight and hearing. We like the range of educational toys, puzzles, art & crafts, musical toys they stock and the excellent customer support.

Bloomy Brain Toys

 @bloomybraintoys, is a #Coimbatore based toy store committed to bring essential learning and developmental toys to children of 0-10 years age group. Being a team of child development experts, they take extra care in introducing age and development appropriate toys and learning materials that meets multiple development objectives and required brain stimulation. 

Indigrow Kids

@indigrowkids, is the brain child of two mammas who wanted to share the India that they grew up in, with their little ones.
Indigrow creates delightful books, games and stories for little ones all over the world to discover and explore the magic of India. Each of the products have been designed to spark creativity and imagination, to encourage conversations, to break mindsets and to visually stimulate while taking you on a journey through India.


@froggmag art products open the eyes of young and old- to the wonder that is India! Souvenirs, Games, and Memorabilia that showcases the best of our vibrant country in every day products is what they are all about. They have a wide range of ThinkINToys like Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory Games, Playing Cards and much much more using the most beautiful art from every corner of India.

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