Bob books are perfect for emergent readers and it gives them immense confidence as it tackles one reading sound/concept at a time. The satisfaction when the little reader has finished reading a full book is absolutely worth the money paid.

I highly, highly recommend using Bob Books for little readers, so I wanted to write a very clear explanation for all of you, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did when ordering these online.

Bob Book Sets

Sets Vs Collections: What’s the difference?

Bob Book SETS are mini books and include one set of Bob Books which teach a particular reading concept.

Bob Book COLLECTIONS are a collection of TWO of the mini sets in one big box, and are much bigger in size, and has stickers etc.,.

IMPORTANT : Titles in the set are the same ones in the collection. Here’s a full listing in progressive reading order.

1. My First Bob Books Alphabet
2. My First Bob Books Pre-Reading Skills
3. Set 1 Beginning Readers
4. Set 2 Advancing Beginners
5. Sight Words Kindergarten
6. First Stories
7. Rhyming Words
8. Set 3 Word Families
9. Sight Words First Grade
10. Set 4 Complex Words
11. Set 5 Long Vowels

If you’re buying as collections here’s the order:
• My First Pre-Reader Collection: 1+2
• Collection 1: 3+4
• Sight Words Collection: 5+9
• Collection 6: 6+7
• Collection 2: 4+8
• Collection 3: 10+11

Bob Book Collections

 If you ask me, the pre-reader collection can be entirely skipped. We personally didn’t find this culturally relevant for a Indian child under 4 to grasp. So, collection 1 is where we begun. With few words per page and plenty of repetitive vocabulary, these little books give new readers a sense of success and reinforce the idea that reading is fun. I remember the first time Zoe read a book all by himself – That sense of pride and victory was just unimaginable. This milestone is a pretty important one in our life and that’s why we cherish it so much, and have a soft corner for Bob books.

Where to buy? Most bookstores have it. One of our sets is from @bookberries on instagram.

You can always find deals on bargain book hunt.

Do you use these? Comment and let me know.


If you’d like to read about other Early reader books we used, check this out:


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