Learn from home – Tips for Parent and Child

There’s been lots of changes lately, especially to the way our children are learning. Whether you are working with their school or you have your own remote learning methods, here are some tips to help your child to learn from home as they undertake the activities provided.

When you start to think about helping your child to learn from home, remember that no one expects you to be a subject matter expert or teacher. The most important thing you can do is to continue to provide comfort, support and encouragement to your child.

As a parent I want my child to interact with another child other than my family, and that’s one reason I sailed through virtual learning. Tech was taboo, but we’ve come to embrace it now and use it for the better. That balance has been good learning.

Learn from home

1. Create your space & stay organized

Set aside a place at home for your classes. Put lessons and materials together by subject to make it easier to access. Keep things in the same place, so the child can grab it. A small cupboard or a bag with everything the child would need, helps.

2. Address the little things

Sometimes things as simple as a pencil not being sharp can make a child anxious. A child sees that as self-identity and works in the child’s head in many ways. So keep the environment secure and avoid disruptions.

3. Let them be

Encourage the child to be themselves. What we’ve seen happen in online schooling is this: The kids are on mute, so the child gets stressed when the parents are around and aren’t answering to questions creating unnecessary pressure. Let the child be, online or offline. When child is starting school you want them to love it, and that should be your priority. It’s important you make it an enjoyable experience. It’s OK to make mistakes.

4. Stay in touch

Talk to the teacher if you aren’t able to be with the child because of other reasons like work etc.,. So that way, everyone is aware and comfortable. Teachers can also give you tips on how to effectively facilitate your kids’ learning. If there’s some intervention to be done, be in touch with the teacher, so you know the progress etc., We’re all doing our best.

A Guide to Introducing Art
  • When you are talking early childhood education, let them explore.
  • For kids up to say, ages 7 let them play with the medium, and fall in love with it.
  • Slowly introduce an understanding of the subject by looking at other artists.
  • Above grade 8, let them synthesize the learning and let them create them own style. Eventually you need to see more to do more. You need to know why Picasso drew all those crazy fishes, Why Van Gogh’s starry night talks about Fibonacci series etc.,.
  • Art is a beautiful way to introduce inclusivity to children- to not judge art but appreciate it for what it is.

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