ThinkINToys: 3D Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are challenging and beautiful no doubt, but 3D puzzles add a whole new level and dimension to it. 3D puzzles are absolutely fun not just because the finished product is display-worthy, but because the whole process is a learning experience as you learn about engineering, building, design and so much more piece by piece. Welcome to the 3D puzzle world. Here’s a list … Continue reading ThinkINToys: 3D Puzzle

ThinkINToys: Top Puzzle Brands for Kids in India

🧩 Introducing #ThinkINToys, a new series on India’s best brain work-out puzzles and toys that make kids think. *drumroll please* ⠀⠀⠀⠀Child’s play is an integral part of development. Kids do not play just to entertain themselves. From the time they are born, they are constantly learning. ⠀⠀⠀We’ve always had puzzles as part of our toy shelf, but the #lockdown really took the #puzzlelove to another level, because it was the … Continue reading ThinkINToys: Top Puzzle Brands for Kids in India