Bar Camp Chennai 4 #BCC4

My very "first” *airjerk* social media meetup 😉 happened on the last sunday of June. And as usual, yours lazily has come up with a very late post of what happened in BCC4 (Part o my contribution). This time ‘round, the venue was Cognizant 😉 @ the OMR stretch.

For those of you who’re wondering whatever a “Bar”Camp is… Stop thinking 😛 Here’s what that is : user-generated conferences (or unconferences) that are open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants themselves. (How cool is that?)  Barcamp participants are diverse, though there are specific interests that bind them together. Using the internet and new technologies is always a huge theme, but what brings BarCampers together is where that theme crosses into other areas.

Since this is a BarCamp, to participate, you will have to contribute. This can be done by:

  • Presenting on a topic of your choice
  • Demoing something (preferably something you created)
  • Volunteering and helping out
  • Suggesting a talk idea
  • Blogging/tweeting about the event (basically publicity in whatever way you can)

BarCamp Chennai 4th Edition

The knowledge Foundation were the event managers for the day. BCC4 had a whole lot of interesting speakers who led interactions on topics ranging from ‘Market Research for startups’ to ‘How to calculate taxes for startups’ that most entrepreneurs would have found useful.. to other more techie topics like the Ganesh Rajmohan’s “Synchronization And Java Memory Model,Senthil Nayagam (Founder of’s “Hackerspace”,

Swroop Singh( PayPal X Developer Network)’s “Monetization made easy with PayPal X”, Balaji Lakshman (Geeky Inc.)’s “Robotics – The Future Life making Robots”,Karthick (pre-final year student from SSN)’s “Running OSX on Virtual Box”, UID stuff & the more societal ones like on Traffic Management where Sonal Mishra,IPS, Deputy commissioner of Police Traffic Central Chennai, got great inputs on how to technologically improve the traffic management system in Chennai.

The collaborative, easy-going atmosphere is often supported by a keg of beer or several bottles of wine (or several crates of PepsiCo & CocaCola products, as would happen in Chennai 😉 ), and participants find that attending BarCamp holds as many professional advantages, in networking and learning new technology, as social ones.I had great fun meeting with several entrepreneur speakers and participants and indulging in fun conversations. 🙂




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