Summer of 11

Remember that Bryan Adams tune that squeals about the best days of his life.. This one’s  all about the best “productive” days of my life – the summer of 2011.

TOO much productivity happened!  Please to remove your nerd detector spectacles and read on.. Smile

1)Participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge for the first time.The hands-on online marketing experience was uber cool indeed!! The joy one feels on seeing ads written by her pop up on page 1 of searches – only second to seeing your ads flash on national television.So , yeah! \m/

I shall have a separate post dedicated to the GOMC event so that the future n00bs get the nitty-gritties from a ex-n00b.

2)Ennovent : As NSEF Author of Change, I was one of the chosen few to help author change in one of the social enterprises, Ennovent. That was really lucky because it was one of the very few ‘work from home’ option. I tried to help them in their social media marketing venture. One big learning from this experience was how some companies prefer organic growth as opposed to quickly growing in numbers in a short while in an unorganized way. A big #notetoself there.

3)Also, one secret project. Winking smile  Will tell ya once it goes live.

4)Oh and how could I forget Project Naluvurameens! An awesome online music band. Check us out here.  Time to buck up cos  OMG we have competition – Times of India, Madurai Launch song.

5)Apart from these, the major chunk of my time was dedicated to the Summer Internship as part of my course – My first real management trainee job and boy was it fun! Learnt so much about the organisation and people and life in general, while visiting almost a thousand odd institutions. No kidding!

6)Also you’re at the end of a kickass kickboxer’s blogpost now. Learnt that in my gym class this summer.

You now know what I did last summer. Now tata, till next time! Open-mouthed smile

drishti poosani

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