E is for…

These wonderful aids related to eating and early development:

EZPZ mats: After following a few support groups about baby led weaning* I decided I needed this to keep the food from being thrown around and went ahead and purchased it from their site. It did help quite a bit in with keeping the food in place, but a whole LOT more in helping us apportion meal sizes. Often times a parent tends to fret that their child isn’t eating enough – For me, it helped me come to terms with the fact that the amount of food plated in the ezpz was enough for a toddler that had the stomach a tiny size.


A year after our BLW journey began, we got round to eating out of stainless steel plates (the mini ones) and those have been helping us too. The EZPZ ompany has suction bowls and bigger mats. Check them out – I heart these! They totally encourage independent eating.

Bonus: These are great travel placemats for those restaurant dinners, especially the ones where you don’t trust the hygiene of the highchair tray.

*So there are 2 common weaning practices  – Traditional weaning & Baby-led weaning. And then there are the hybrids – self feeding babes that are also fed at times. Remember to wait until the 6 month mark before beginning any of these. And always remember that the child should be able to sit and MUST be in a sitting position when having their meals.

E is also for Early learning & positive parenting philosophy.

Down below are great places to gather a lot of knowledge on positive parenting principles and how to engage and empower your kids. JOIN. 🙂

Early Learning and Positive Parenting India for Preschoolers and Toddlers
Play, Learn & Explore with Tot Labs by Mumma Diaries.
Gentle Parenting India


PS: No one of these posts are sponsored by any brands. I’m only writing to help the  first time parents gain access to all of these wonderful products and forums out there!

If you have a special brand/ product that you recommend, give them a shout-out in the comments.


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