Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day!

It’s that time of the year again — when kids dress up in cute fancy dresses because it is CHILDREN’s day at school and that’s the #1 event most schools host. TBH, I’d love to see my little one in such adorable costumes too, but there’s one tiny problem there: He just wouldn’t let me put any such thing on him, not even a winter cap on days when there’s #ChennaiSnow. Sigh, no fun there for either of us!
If you ask me, school events are just additional pressure on the poor parents , challenging them to rack up their brains and do something special for “children’s day”, only because you don’t want to be judged for being a “less involved” parent (well, at least that’s what I don’t want to be judged for). Life certainly is supposed to be a lot simpler than that – to me, it’s all about doing nothing (extra special) while doing everything. You know what am I talking about, right? Yep – the 100% devoted attention to them and their activities is sure to make their day!
So, my son’s a little over 2 and I plan to make his 3rd Children’s day fun for him and will try to unwind and pull my hair down, while he has fun pulling the roof down because that’s exactly what kids love to do, even if that means extra cleaning time and showering time for all of us! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
In no particular order:
1. Messy Play:
Science says that this is great sensory play for kids. Forget science, my toddler knows this is the best way to get mommy and daddy’s 100% attention. So yes, let’s open all the pulses and atta boxes in the kitchen and dump it on the floor and jump around, shall we? Don’t forget to add ketchup to the mixture.
2. Water Play: 
Our bathroom’s like Hotel California – The kiddo can check (it) out any time he likes, but you can never leave! Extended bath times = using the faucet sprayer and giving the bathroom tiles a nice cleanup, every time we are there to clean up business. Useful little thing there, if you can ignore the mildew situation.
3. Scribble on the Walls:
Oh my gosh! This is the most fun thing to do, even for me as an adult. Let the walls echo our artistic talent. Everyone who visits must know about it — so the living room walls it is!
4. Paste & Peel Stickers:
Decals are fun, so are stickers activity books. Zoe LOVES peeling off,off , sticking them, peeling them off , sticking them some place else, repeating till it doesn’t stick anywhere anymore. MUCH ENTERTAINMENT for both parties, I tell ya!
5. Jumping on the Bed:
… like the 5 little monkeys and throw around pillows while doing that. Very enjoyable, to say the least. Who needs a trampoline, when you have a nice, just-made bed 🙂
6. Jumping in muddy puddles:
… like Ms. Peppa and Ms. George pig. It’s the rainy season out here in Chennai and part of me is dying to talk him out to experience the sheer joy of catching the raindrops on noses, while basking in the glory of the rains, the thunder and everything there is. The weather forecast is quite favorable for this activity to happen in the coming week. So, YAY!
7. Rearrangements:
Pull out aaaaaall the books and toys and build megastructures. Unschooling is a trait you gotta learn from these little ones. Never use an object for what it was intended for – that way it’s more interesting.
8. Painting Like There’s No Tomorrow:
Paints in my toddler’s hands get the same warm reception as food in the hands of a starving human. He loves to empty it all in one go and see how that goes. Just remember to take this activity outside if you can- cos paint stains are sometimes tough.
9. Family Fitness:
Somersault and mimic the adult exercises even if you can’t do any of those – it’s much excitment for all involved. Just be careful to have padding on the floor, if you feel like it.
10. Have a Staycation / Picnic Spread At Home with Cadbury Chocolates for dessert or mains 😉 :
This is gonna be my most favorite activity – picnics are great! Staycations are so much more awesome because there’s not a lot of things you need to plan for. Just eat, laze and relax and make your picnic the best ever. Don’t forget to have dessert first: Cadbury Diary milk Roasted almonds for me and Dairymilk Silk for the little for his special day’s treat! ❤
Hop on to the confused parent’s blog for more ideas about this! 🙂

30 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day!

  1. 🙂 awesome. I liked the first one especially the ketchup part.. you seems like a cool mamma..
    Happy Children’s Day!! Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye!!

  2. I loved your take on children’s day. Very beautifully thought. I just loved the part of messy play. Children’s day is all about letting them be what they are

  3. These are really fun activities to do with children. We love doing water play and jumping on the bed, we do these fun activities always.

  4. Wow those are really fun filled ways to make Children’s Day more. Special. Loved the article.

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