M is for…


The most loved product in our household that has the most shelf space!

Our current list of product favorites can be best summed up in this routine recap:

A good morning begins with their newest toothpaste variant (by far our favorite because of the bubble yield :D) and moves on to using the body wash / shampoo on some days. After that we usually slather the Mama Earth moisturiser. If we are headed out / swimming, we apply a generous coat of the mineral based sunscreen. If we have a painting session (which happens on most days) then there’s clean cuties cleanser to the rescue (MY personal favorite). Unwinding at the end of the day with the Mama earth gentle massage oil – our fav night time routine to get Zoe in his zone for a great night’s sleep!

They have great moms’prodcuts too and I use thier hairfall kit – shampoo, conditioner on a regular basis. And the super effective argan hair mask & charcoal face mask ❤


They have an amazing lineup of baby products like hing tummy roll-on (wish they  were there when Zoe was littler) and many many more!

How can I forget thier relaxing tea range – the himalayan stress relieft tea is a keeper!

Check out all thier products at mamaearth.in

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