Oh,Snap-3 : BLUE

Just another “Oh,Snap” moment I experienced,exactly a week ago ! My PC snapped! For the very first time in my 12 years of windows usage..!! <clap clap> 😛


Is there any way to get rid of the BSOD.Oh yeah.I was googling & found the perfect solution,that some creative genius discovered.Well..All discussed below..

For those rarest of individuals unfamiliar with the Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), its formal Microsoft title is the Stop Error screen. In the Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems, the BSOD was the result of either a faulty device driver or a dynamic link library (DLL) conflict — otherwise known as DLL Hell (Sorry, If I’m putting you thru’ hell.:P ). In other incarnations of the Windows OS family, the BSOD indicates an illegal operation from which the OS kernel can’t recover.

There are almost as many “death screens” as there are operating systems, though some are more colorful than others.

Apple Macintosh OS –Sad Mac frowning icon screen or the Mac Bomb error page.

Mac OS X endures a UNIX-derived kernel panic screen, which is gray.

MS-DOS,Previous Windows,OS/2 – Black Screen of Death

Indeed Microsoft has created screens of death in many colors, with early Vista beta releases displaying a Red Screen of Death for certain errors, and Xbox firmware throwing up a Green Screen of Death for its serious malfunctions.

Some things are a technological tradition — and deathly fun Geek Trivia. Below, are some handpicked trivia on death screens.. Read on! 😀

Which operating system’s version of the contemporary Windows Blue Screen of Death was instead a Guru Meditation — perhaps the most whimsical fatal error notification ever employed by a major OS?

The answer is none other than the earlier versions of the venerable AmigaOS, which powered the Amiga line of computers back in the 1980s.

  • Blue Screen Of Death was originally derived from the old term Black Screen Of Death. No one is given credit for making up the name but the Black Screen Of Death was inspired by the Floating Head of Death in a famous “Far Side” cartoon
  • Microsoft employees occasionally use the term, but I don’t remember any official documenation referring to it as anything other than a “Stop Error” or a “Blue Screen.” Some of their publications, like MSDN stuff, will use “BSOD” from time to time.
  • The Blue Screen of Death,  sometimes decorated with hex error codes, is what you get when this happens. (Commonly abbreviated BSOD.) This event is sufficiently common to have inspired the following haiku from Alan Tuplin:

Your system which soared
So freely on gliding wings
now hangs, frozen and blue

  • The following entry from the Salon Haiku Contest, seems to have predated popular use of the term (and may indeed have inspired it):

Windows NT crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death
No one hears your screams.

  • Games that used the BSoD : Vampire, Eternal Darkness, Halo 2, Halo 3, Half Life 2
  • About that..creative solution to a NO BSod. 😉 Well you can say good-bye blue screen and hello to green screen, or purple screen, or black screen of death! Just download this simple little utility called BSOD Properties and select your favorite color! 😀

Well that’s all folks.Time to Chiggy Wiggy.Ciao~

P.S: Much ado about SoD’s has been made in this post.Opensource freaks,spare me! 😛

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12 thoughts on “Oh,Snap-3 : BLUE

  1. Well, even i have encountered this many time in my friend’s PC…according to me, it is due to the improper RAM fitting..it could have been out of its slot slightly…

    Best way 2 fix this is, just open the cabinet, find the array of RAMs. Remove them from the slots….get a toothbrush (currently using or old one :P) or a dry paint brush. Just brush them gently along the metal etchings in the IC fitted strip along its length. Blow air in the RAM slot with your mouth, brush them again. Remove any dust if u find any, clean the cobwebs 😀 and fit everything in its place.

    Thats all !! Blue Screen gone !! ur PC will work fine…

    Donno about the Laptops !! haven’t opened it yet !! 😯

  2. 😀 But, your solution isn’t universal.. Works only in the case of a faulty RAM fitting.
    There are loads of other conditions in which they can occur too.. (like corrupt file drive in my case) or IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM blah blah blah..!!

    Laptop ram’s are quite different from the desktop 1s la?? Next stop : rip down someone’s 😛

  3. these days laymen like me cant understand ur blog!!!Konjam puriyura maathiri eluthu gracy..Too much techy stuff..

  4. You must be really lucky to get it the first time in 12 years.. I have encountered it a load of times. There aint a universal solution for this .. The main reason for this is hardware problem. It may also come because of bad os. It can be mostly fixed if you remove your ram and hdd and connect it again

  5. Nice information Post. I never knew that, BSOD was named after something !!
    MS doesnt even spare the names? would be one question..which many will get 😛 he he..!!


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